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    WES Golf Club is Opening | 高尔夫俱乐部预约开启

    Like all noble sports, golf is not just a sport where one uses his or her physical skills. It is also a competition where rules and etiquette are followed. On the green lawn, we breathe fresh air, enjoy the warm sunshine with a golf club and we work hard on our golfing skills!


    Golf is more than a physical sport, it teaches us social skills, such as self-discipline and decision-making. Compared with other sports, it emphasizes etiquette and respect of others. Golf can also help children improve their temperament and education, while at the same time it can foster independent thinking, which is a skill that all children need to develop, especially in their early years. Golf can improve children’s good character, such as composure, modesty, calmness, self-confidence, self-discipline.



    Our golf club has been opened for a period of time. In order to have more students interested in golf, the golf club will be open for our students,  teachers and parents from now on. There will be a professional instructor. In order to ensure the quality of teaching, please make an appointment in advance.

    Tel: 13487713563(Jason)




    There is a chance for our children to be close to golf, learn about golf, try golf and start a wonderful life journey!


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