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    Shirley Yu Won Silver Medal丨玮希羽球小将荣获长沙市羽毛球比赛银牌!

    Last weekend, Shirley Yu, student in grade six of International Section, has competed in the 2018 U Series Badminton Tournament hosted jointly by Changsha City Sports Bureau and Education Bureau and won again a silver medal in women’s doubles. Let’s all give her a big hand for her amazing achievement!


    This competition involved a total of 671 young players from 32 primary and secondary schools and badminton clubs in Changsha. You can imagine the intensity of the two-day series. Every point that Shirley won didn’t come easy.


    Having more physical exercise to enhance students’ physical fitness is a requirement of the State. Taking part in sports activities/competitions could also offer a chance for children to learn about some good qualities and sports spirit.


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