Parents Volunteer Organization – PVO

What is the PVO?
The PVO is a Parent Volunteer Organization that works together with the school’s administration to build and maintain good relationships among CWA staff, parents and students, by providing feedback and support in partnership with each other. All families of CWA are automatically members of the PVO.
The PVO holds several meetings a year in order to support the school with their annual activities. These are good opportunities for getting in contact with other families. Several events are organized each year, such as the Winter Holiday Concert, International Family Day …

Main Objectives of the PVO
Provide parental support for annual all-school activities (e.g. offering food, drinks, making decorations, giving gifts, etc.)
Provide a communication channel between parents and the school
Provide mutual help amongst parents, with a particular emphasis on assistance to new families
Help promote CWA in the local international community
Organize out-of-school activities from time to time (e.g. ice skating, day trips on non-school days, having lunch together, goodbye parties, etc.)

The PVO earns funds by organizing activities, such as selling food at the International Family Day, and all parents are asked to support the PVO at these events. If there is a need, the PVO may ask for donations during the year, although any donations to the PVO are, of course, always very welcome. Please remember that PVO money is only used to support the school and your children!