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    Changsha WES Academy Art Show 2019

    WES ART SHOW 2019

    Changsha WES Academy Art Show 2019

    Theme: “Emergence”

    Date: Thursday 6th June

    Time: 1:30 – 4:00




    星期四 1:30 – 4:00

    Changsha WES Academy will officially open the annual students’ art exhibition on this Thursday, June 4th, 2019. Let us preview the art works exhibited in different grades in advance:


    The Changsha WES Academy Visual Arts and Music Departments are proud to present this year’s annual Art Show.  We hope that parents, grandparents, siblings and community members will join our students and teachers as we celebrate the emerging creativity and talent that is about to unfold at our school! This year’s Art Show will feature awards for exceptional artists at each grade level.今年的艺术展是由音乐与美术社团主办。我们诚挚邀请所有的家长朋友们能够前来观展。同时,今年的艺术展上,我们还将为各年级的杰出艺术家们进行颁奖。

    We hope to see you among the crowd at the Second Floor Exhibition Space. Come forth, marvel, mingle, and be impressed!
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