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    ASA-Program for Fun and Learning丨ASA本周起正式启动

    Why do we love WEDNESDAY? Because of ASA! 为什么我们对星期三爱得深沉?因为有ASA呀! ASA stands for After School Activities, organized on every Wednesday from 3:15 to 3:55 pm. It’s divided in three terms as follows: ASA是课外活动的简称,在每周三下午3:15-3:55进行。针对本学年,ASA分为三个阶段: Term 1: September 13 – November 29 Term 2: December 6 – March 28 Term 3: April 4 – May 30 第一阶段:9月13日至11月29日 第二阶段:12月6日至3月28日 第三阶段:4月4日至5月30日   Students will need to give one […]

    Student-Led Conferences丨这样的家长会,您经历过吗?

    May 13, a special Saturday for CWA community. Our students shared their learning with their parents in the Student-Led Conferences. 5月13日,对CWA来说是一个特殊的星期六。这一天是举办学生主导型家长会的日子,孩子们与各自父母分享了这一学年的学习情况。 WHAT are Student Led Conferences? Student-Led Conferences are an integral part of the IB curriculum. In the Student-Led Conferences, the child is not only present, but is in charge of explaining his or her progress, reflecting on accomplishments, […]

    CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls’ School

    Hi,Girls! Changsha WES Academy warmly welcomed our dear friends – the girls from Singapore, St. Nicholas Girls’ School on Monday, November 21st . CWA has built a close relationship with St. Nicholas Girls’ School since the founding of CWA. The students of both schools became good friends through projects activities, class experiences, field trip,etc.,when the students of St. Nicholas Girls’ School visited CWA last year. CWA (Bilingual) students also participated in […]

    Cambridge International School Certificate

    Changsha WES Academy has registered as a Cambridge International School. From now on, CWA is an authorized CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) examination centre. It means that we are qualified to conduct A-level and IGCSE exams at our own campus. As we all know, in May 2012, CWA was granted membership of the Council of International Schools (CIS), […]

    Rural School Donation Ceremony

    On Saturday, 5th December 2015, members of the CWA community visited a rural school to participate in a donation ceremony. Mr. Daniel Fu, father of CWA students Alex and Diana, established a foundation to support rural education. The foundation was set up in the name of his mother, Zhang Beilan, who had been a teacher […]