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    ASA-Program for Fun and Learning丨ASA本周起正式启动

    Why do we love WEDNESDAY? Because of ASA!


    ASA stands for After School Activities, organized on every Wednesday from 3:15 to 3:55 pm. It’s divided in three terms as follows:


    Term 1: September 13 – November 29

    Term 2: December 6 – March 28

    Term 3: April 4 – May 30





    Students will need to give one choice for each term based on their interests. We provided variety of ASA for different ages from G1 to G10!学生们需要根据自己的兴趣或特长选择三项活动(每阶段进行一项活动)。我们为G1-G10的孩子提供了丰富多彩的课外活动。

    Activities for Term 1 – 第一阶段活动

    English Poetry (英语诗歌)

    Children Movie (儿童电影)

    Story Telling (讲故事)

    Step by Step Drawing (画画)

    Reading (阅读)

    Coloring (上色)

    Robots&Programming with scratch (机器人&Scratch编程)

    Backgammon (西洋双陆棋)

    Paper cutting (剪纸)

    Props & Back Drops Design for Winter concert (冬季音乐会道具&背景设计)

    Costume Design for Winter Concert (冬季音乐会服装设计)

    Choir for Winter Concert (冬季音乐会合唱团)

    Dance for Winter Concert (冬季音乐会舞蹈团)

    Basketball (篮球)

    Chess (国际象棋)

    Science Club (科学俱乐部)

    Drama – acting (戏剧表演)

    Skittles (撞柱游戏)

    Kickball (脚踢球)


    Here are some wonderful moments in the ASA of today.

    More kinds of activities will be provided in the second&third term.







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