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    Health and Safety Handbook

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    Parent-Student Handbook

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    The School recognizes that as technology has changed more pupils have access to personal devices and Internet capable devices. These should be seen as a resource and provide an opportunity to enable quick and easy access to content to enhance learning. Devices in the form of laptops, tablets, eReaders, Kindles, etc with appropriate guidance should no longer be looked on as distractions or contraband. When they are used in classrooms to aid learning, and the teacher see’s it as suitable they can be as valuable as a book.

    The school owns laptops and tablets (e.g. iPads) that are available for the children to use, however, we recognize that on occasions it is more beneficial for children to bring their own devices into school (BYOD). The school is also aware that as they grow older children will have greater and greater access to electronic devices and feel it is partly our responsibility to help them learn how to use their devices responsibly.

    Only with collaboration with parents can we work to educate our children. Therefore, the school would like your agreement that your child may bring their own device into school for certain activities and only for education purpose

    We consider that access to the Changsha WES Academy wireless network is a privilege, not a right. Access will be removed if it is abused.

    The following policy statements should be read and agreed:

    1. The student is responsible for keeping their device in their possession or properly securing it, at all times.  Changsha WES Academy (International Section or Bilingual Section) and it’s personnel cannot take responsibility for the security or condition of a student’s personal device. Which could include theft/damage/loss or anything that could happen to the device physically or on a software level.
    2. The student/parent is responsible for the proper care of personal technology devices, including all maintenance and repair, replacement or modifications, and software updates necessary to effectively use the device.
    3. The student’s laptop has an up to date version of Microsoft Office Suite loaded onto it before it enters the classroom.
    4. It is the parent/student’s responsibility to ensure that the device has the appropriate software to protect against attack e.g. antivirus / malware and that devices are not brought into school if they have virus’/ malware etc.
    5. The responsibility for the device remains with the user and is used with the parent’s consent.
    6. The device will not be allowed, to be connected to the school’s network, without the specific permission procedure.
    7. The user should have a good understanding of its operation as further technical support is unlikely to be available as part of normal school lessons.
    8. The device should also be charged before the school day and in working order.
    9. Most purchases are only licensed for a single use, therefore the content cannot be shared due to copyright laws.
    10. Devices should not be used for streaming or downloads of; software, movies, torrents etc. without the permission of the IT department.
    11. The student must bring in headphones and use them for editing or watching media content
    12. Students must not share content which is against school policy or the law.
    13. Students must not knowingly distribute virus’, malware, ransomware etc.
    14. All media/content on the device should be appropriate for children to watch and/or use
    15. The BYOD is for personal use and should not be shared.
    16. Use of personal devices during the school day is at the discretion of teachers and staff.
    17. Pupils must only use devices as directed by their teacher.
    18. The primary purpose of the use of personal devices at school is educational. Using the device for personal reasons is not allowed without permission from a member of staff.
    19. The use of a personal device is not to be a distraction in any way to teachers or pupils.
    20. Pupils shall not use personal devices outside of their classroom unless otherwise directed by their teacher e.g. on school visits or activities.
    21. Pupils shall make no attempts to circumvent the school’s network security and/or filtering policies.
    22. Changsha WES Academy reserves the right to confiscate and/or inspect personal technology devices if there is reason to believe that it was used to violate our policies, administrative procedures, general misconduct or breaking the Law.
    23. Violations may result in the loss of privilege to use personal technology in school, and/or disciplinary and legal action, as appropriate.
    24. The student must comply with the teachers’ request to refrain from using a device, verify/display the authentication login screen, or to power down (turn off) the device.
    25. The student may not use any devices to record, transmit or post photos or video of a person without their knowledge and consent. Images, video, and audio files recorded at school may not be transmitted or posted at any time, without the expressed permission of a Changsha WES Academy faculty member. Violations will result in the loss of privilege to use personal technology in school, and/or disciplinary and legal action, as appropriate.
    26. All users are required to utilize the Changsha WES Academy’s secured wireless network to access the Internet.
    27. All the software’s including the operating system must be genuine.
    28. Any device that uses “Mobile Connectivity” (sim-card) cannot be used without the permission of a member of staff.

    Please note:

    • The Rules and regulations for the BYOD policy will be updated on the school website regularly and all of the listed rules and the terms and conditions shall apply to the BYOD policy.
    • In cases of malicious damage or theft of another student’s device, existing school processes for damage to schools or another student’s property shall apply.
    • The school will regularly review existing policies and processes to include BYO devices where appropriate.
    • Prior to connecting their devices to the network, students must return the ICT Student Agreement. This agreement must be signed by the student and by a parent/guardian.
    • Access to school resources such as shared drives, printers and associated costs will be a school based decision.
    • Other considerations when purchasing a device include:
      • Extended warranty
      • Device insurance
      • Protective casing (scratch/impact/liquid-splash resistant)
      • Additional or spare battery packs
      • Ergonomics (is this device comfortable to use for an entire school day)
      • Backup storage such as portable hard drive or USB flash drive

    Consequences for Misuse/Disruption (examples only)

    (One or more may apply):

    • Access to the wireless network will be removed.
    • Device taken away and kept in the front office until parent picks it up.
    • Student will be barred from using personal devices at school.
    • Serious misuse of Internet capable devices is regarded as a serious offence within the School’s Child Safety Policy and will be dealt with in accordance with this policy.
    • School Liability Statement
    • Knowingly sharing unlicensed software


    I understand that Changsha WES Academy is in no way responsible for:

    • Personal devices that are broken while travelling to and from school, at school or during school-sponsored activities.
    • Personal devices that are lost or stolen at school or during school-sponsored activities.
    • Maintenance or upkeep of any device (keeping it charged, installing updates or upgrades, fixing any software or hardware issues).

    Student name: __________________________________  Grade: _______________________

    Student school email address: ___________________________________________________

    Any parent permitting their child to use a personally owned technology device in accordance with this agreement on Changsha WES academy premises, must read, sign, and return this agreement to the school. Each student must acknowledge the policy document from his/her parent, Home Room teacher before bringing their equipment to class.

    NOTE:  The use of private 3G & 4G wireless to create hotspot connections is not allowed!!  

    Student Agreement: 

    I _______________________(name) have read all of this document and agree to abide by and follow all the rules.

    Student Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _______________


    Parent Acknowledgement: 

    I agree to my Son/Daughter _______________________(name) being able to bring their own device to school and agree that they shall abide by all the rules mentioned in this document (or mentioned in future revisions) of the technology policy of the school.

    Parent Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _______________


    Homeroom Teacher: 

    I allow my student__________________________ (name) to use his/her own device for the purpose of studying in the school.

    Teacher Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _______________



    The terms mentioned on the website shall be considered as abiding before or after signing the document

    NOTE: you can download a printable copy here