WES ART SHOW 2019丨成长,就是一场化茧成蝶的蜕变

This is not only an art show,

(A visual feast that combines creativity, imagination and impact)

But also, a search for artistic beauty.

(A way of thinking that combines diversity, richness and compatibility)

The Changsha WES Academy Art show is one of the most highly anticipated events of the school calendar. Parents, students and teachers all attended and were wowed on June 6th.





The art show has a variety of forms: instrumental performances, dance performances, oil paintings, ceramics, prints, sculptures, collages, watercolors, tie dyes, sketches, etc. These fully reflect the distinct personality and artistic style of each creator. Everyone expressed their own ideas and opinions through different art forms.


The art department of Changsha WES Academy attaches great importance to students’ exposure to diverse art categories.


In music class, we will let students encounter as many different kinds of instruments as possible, such as stringed instruments, keyboard instruments, and percussion. Each grade has its own band, and each student can find their place. Music creates an environment of community and cooperation, and the relationship among classmates is more harmonious.


In art class, not only do we focus on general education but also introduce the expressions of different traditional arts from around the world. “Aesthetic” is an indispensable attainment in the AR era. In addition to traditional painting, our art courses include weaving, sculpture, crafts, pottery and other collaborative projects.


We believe that art courses can not only lay the foundation for a happy and successful life for students, but also allow them to feel the fullness and richness of their hearts and become expressive and creative people, both now and in the future.


During the art show, a variety of art works completed by the students from early years to grade 12 during the school year were gathered. Grade 9 students also completed the display arrangement themselves. Each piece of the work exhibited is the result of hard work, accumulated knowledge and learning. These exhibits are the perfect expression of the results of our students’ hard work, the skills they have polished and the expression of their creativity. This exhibition gives us a deep understanding of the extraordinary artistic talents of our students. Our children are from all over the world and are full of youthful passion and their art work wins the praise of everyone. So, we can’t help being impressed by the extraordinary talents of these artists.


Thanks 特别鸣谢

Thanks to the contributions of Ms. Jaffray, Mr. Mark, Ms. Bonnie and Ms. Sophia from the Department of Visual Arts. Over the past year, they have guided the students to complete many outstanding art works, and at the same time, they used the break time to complete all the exhibition work. In Music our thanks for their hard work and perseverance should go to Ms. Terry, Ms. Clarissa and Ms. Cici, the wonderful singing, piano and dance performances attracted a lot of attention and applause, which made the event even richer.

感谢视觉艺术部Ms. Jaffray、Mr. Mark、Ms. Bonnie和Ms. Sophia的付出,一年来,他们指导学生们完成了许多出色的艺术作品,同时,利用休息时间完成了所有的布展工作。另外,感谢音乐部Ms. Terry、Ms. Clarissa与Ms. Cici的支持,美妙的音符和舞蹈表演,吸引了众多目光和掌声,让本次活动锦上添花。


Postscript 后 记:

Changsha WES Academy has always adhered to the spirit of IB and advocated the practice of “full-person education”. It aims to create a community that encourages academic research, values creativity and embraces diversity. The spirit of innovation and the cultivation of a global vision make students more advantageous in the face of future challenges, and they will be calmer when entering a prestigious school.