偶要上学啦 | 最萌插班生来袭

Changsha WES Academy has ushered in a group of “the most promising transfer students”. The hosts of Golden Eagle Cartoon such as brother E, sister Qingting, Big Fish, Tiantian Fan, Xiyue Cao, Yi Wu and Tianhe Gao will have an adventure with their dolls. Welcome to lock the Golden Eagle cartoon “The Fourth Season of the Doll Mobilization ” at 7pm on this Friday, June 7th.

长沙玮希国际学校迎来了一群“最萌插班生”,来自金鹰卡通的主持人E哥、小蜻蜓姐姐、大鱼以及范湉湉、曹曦月、武艺、高天鹤将会带着偶宝宝们发生什么奇遇呢?欢迎锁定6月7日周五晚7点金鹰卡通《人偶总动员 第四季》,爆笑来袭。

“The Fourth Season of the Doll Mobilization” is the variety show launched by Golden Eagle Cartoon TV. There will be  6 cute dolls in the program. And 6 star artists will assist them to enter the human society and complete different life tasks. They will open up a fun, embarrassing adventure.

《人偶总动员 第四季》是金鹰卡通卫视推出的综艺秀,6只呆萌可爱个性突出的人偶搭配6位明星艺人,并在明星艺人的守护、陪伴、协助下,走入人类社会体验各种职业角色,完成不同的生活任务,开启一段趣味横生、窘态百出的“奇遇记”。