Bee-lingual|WES 2019 Spelling Bee WES 2019英文拼词大赛纪实

The Spelling Bee is an English word spelling competition that was established in 1925, which is a well-known English word spelling competition in the United States. The players take turns to spell English words, and after a series of selection, with the upgrading difficulty levels of the words, until the winners are declared.This highly internationally renowned English word spelling competition has lunched in Changsha WES Academy this year. After ‘Tried’ in the preliminary round and “Leap” in the rematch round, the final round of WES 2019 Spelling Bee was officially kicked off in the theater, in the afternoon of June 5th.  The slogan of this competition was ‘Bee-lingual’, which totally matched CWA’s bilingual teaching features. 60 players who broke through from the rematch round showed their spelling skills, leading the final feast.

The final round is divided into five spelling activities, which are consistent with the level of the preliminary and rematch competitions, namely:

Group 1: Grade 1

Group 2: Grade 2-3

Group 3: Grade 4-5

Group 4: Grade 6-8

Group 5: Grade 9-12

Spelling Bee英文单词拼字大赛成立于1925年,是美国家喻户晓的英文单词拼字竞赛。选手们依次PK英文单词拼写,层层选拔,单词难度不断升级,最终决出胜负。

这项极具国际知名度的英语单词拼字竞赛,今年在长沙玮希国际学校开始落地生根。经过初赛的“牛刀小试“、复赛的“跃跃欲试“,6月5日下午,WES 2019 Spelling Bee——WES 2019单词拼字大赛决赛在剧院正式拉开帷幕,活动Slogan为“Bee-lingual”,与我校双语教学特色一致契合。从复赛中突围的60名英文拼字小能手各显身手,主导了决赛盛宴。


Group 1: Grade 1

Group 2: Grade 2-3

Group 3: Grade 4-5

Group 4: Grade 6-8

Group 5: Grade 9-12

WES 2019 Spelling Bee

12 players from each group are from the four WES houses. It is worth mentioning the WES house system was put into operation from March 2018. All the students and teachers in the whole school are divided into four houses named Mercury, Titan, Neptune and Mars. Every house is led by a student house captain & Vice Captain and mentored by house master.The whole program is run under the supervision of School House Advisors who will prepare, monitor and maintain the smooth and easy running of the housing system. students’ daily activities and activity performance will be rewarded with points, and their points will be included in the total scores of their house. The housing system also encourages teachers and parents to participate whole-heartedly as they also will add points to their attached house.

WES 英式学院制

每一组参赛选手均为12位,分别来自WES四大学院。值得一提的是WES学院制体系,我校已于2018 年 3 月起开始实行。全校教职工、全校学生将被分配到四所不同学院中,分别是水星学院、泰坦星学院、海王星学院、火星学院。每所学院将设有:一位学院院长(老师) 和一位学院副院长(老师) ,学院正、副队长(学生) 。学院顾问将指导并确保学院制体系在我校平稳有效地运行。学生的日常行为和活动成果将给予积分奖励,其积分将纳入学院总积分榜内。同时,学校鼓励教职工和学生家长积极参与到学校各项活动中来,亦将给予积分奖励。

The spelling bee competition combined with the housing system has a wonderful and colorful spark! Imagine that 3 of the 12 players on the stage come from your own house, while the players on the stage represent their own house. The collective sense of honor instantly increases! The players on the stage were so steadfast that they tried their best to spell the words of the competition; the partners of the four houses were engrossed and shouted, and the scene was so lively!

From the junior grade of primary school to the senior grade of middle school, the first, the second and the third place were selected more than one round .Instead, the top three of the five levels were finally decided through competing  more and more difficult vocabulary levels and eliminating  incorrect spelling candidates after several rounds of competition. Joy, anger, sadness,  and other emotions are some real reflection of the site activity, including excitement for the warm atmosphere, tension for the increasing difficulty of the competition, sadness for being eliminating, relaxing for winning by a neck or sweating for struggling unfamiliar words.

Spelling Bee competition planted the seed of hope in Changsha WES Academy and took root quietly because of knowledge, demotion, courage, fearlessness, honor and more importantly, because of the adventurous, active exploration and good thinking qualities as a WES student.

此次Spelling Bee比赛与学院制相结合,碰撞出奇妙而多彩的火花!试想一下,台上的12位选手中,其中3位就来自于你自己的学院,而台上的选手则代表了自己的学院,集体荣誉感瞬间暴增!台上的代表选手们屏气凝神,竭尽全力拼读竞赛单词;台下四大阵营的学院伙伴们全神贯注,摇旗呐喊,现场好不热闹!



因为知识,因为投入,因为勇敢,因为无畏,因为荣誉,更因为作为玮仕学子的敢于冒险、积极探索和善于思考的品质,让此次Spelling Bee比赛在长沙玮希国际学校埋下希望的种子,并悄然生根发芽。

The original purpose of WES 2019 Spelling Bee is to improve students’ spelling and expand their vocabulary, and increase delights and challenge through the form of competition.Obviously, in addition to the rewards and applause, we have gained experience and growth, which will surely inspire the WES students to improve their learning ability and prepare for the future. Meanwhile, the first Spelling Bee will lay a solid foundation for the future spelling competitions.This activity is led by the ESL Department, and supported by the house system. They push the activity to a completeness.
Congratulations to the following winners. The First Place, the Second and Third Place winners each won 7 points, 5 points and 3 points for their houses respectively, and the remaining contestants each got 1 point for his/her house.
此次活动初衷是让我们玮仕学子通过Spelling Bee活动提高英语单词拼读能力、提升词汇量,并通过竞赛形式来增加拼字活动的趣味性和挑战性。显然,除此之外,我们收获了不仅仅是奖励和掌声,更有经验和成长,这一定能够激起玮仕学子们不断提升学习能力,重整待发;同时首次英文单词拼字比赛也一定能够为今后的英文单词拼字比赛奠定坚实的基础。此次活动由ESL Department主导,并拥有学院制的有力支撑,共同将活动推向圆满。

In this competition, Titan and Mercury won 27 points separately, Neptune won 31 points, and Mars took the lead and won 35 points!

The preliminary of the WES 2019 Spelling Bee was held in March this year. The winners were selected from the spelling by writing down the words and entered into the quarter-final. Pre K students and K students also attended the competition at the same time. The quarter-final was held in May this year. Each house selected 3 winners for each group (5 groups in total) to attend the final competition through internal competitions in 4 houses. Looking forward to next years’ WES Spelling Bee!


WES 2019 Spelling Bee初赛已于今年三月举行,通过手头拼写形式挑选出优胜者进入复赛,同时Pre K和K的学生也参与进比赛;复赛已于今年五月举行,通过四大学院五个级别的内部比拼,以口头拼读的形式各自挑选出三名优胜者进入决赛。

期待来年的Spelling Bee活动更精彩!