Space Cation Writing Project I 探索太空的写作项目

Have you ever dreamed of traveling in space? Not only would it be tons of fun piloting your own spaceship, just think about how awesome it would be to set foot on one of the planets in our Solar System! Well, that’s just what WES International English students did; along with grades six, seven and eight, for an out of this world writing an adventure.

你有没有梦想过去太空旅行? 驾驶自己的宇宙飞船不仅会非常有趣,想想登上太阳系中的一颗行星该有多棒! 嗯,这就是长沙玮希国际学校六七八年级学生开启的一段非凡写作冒险之旅。

Each student received a “Space Mission Packet,” where teacher’s Ms. Julie and Miss. Zoe guided them through three forms of writing: Descriptive, Expository and Persuasive. Fueled by their imaginations, and new fact-finding skills, students were able to blast-off and create three written artifacts: a descriptive paragraph about Life on a Planet (to describe people, places, and things of what the writer sees, hears, tastes, smells and feels). An expository writing exercise that explains or informs in My Planet Report, and a persuasive writing task to create a Space-Cation brochure for future travel.

一开始,每位学生都收到了一份“太空任务包”,由 Ms. Julie和Miss. Zoe指导他们通过三种写作形式:描述性、说明性和说服性来完成写作任务。 在他们的想象力和新事物发现技能的推动下,学生们创作出三篇作品:一个关于星球上生活的描述性段落(描述作者所看到、听到、品尝、闻到和感觉到的人、地方和事物)。一个解释性的写作练习——“我的行星报告”,和一个有说服力的写作任务,为未来旅行编制一份空间度假手册。

Space Mission Packets also included other exciting writing activities, like label and color the planets, Space Word Search for dictation, a Space Crossword for vocabulary development, Weight on Other Planets, where students applied math skills to solve questions about gravity, and Planet Scoot, a memory game about space.


For each completed mission, students received planet stickers inside their Space Passports for prizes.每完成一项任务,学生们就会在他们的太空护照里收到行星贴纸作为奖励。 

Through such vivid and interesting forms, the children have learned three forms of English writing and expanded the knowledge of astronomy. How charming the UOI course is!通过这样生动有趣的形式,孩子们学习了英文写作的三种形式,更拓展了天文学的知识,这正是跨学科探究式学习的魅力所在!