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Wonderful Memories from IFD 2019

With much anticipation from our whole school community, Changsha WES Academy ushered in the grandest festival party of the year – “2019 International Family Day” on May 18th. This party is for all of our families, integrating all of the aspects that make our school special; environmental protection, health and charity.

Students, parents, teachers and members from more than 20 countries and regions including China, the United States, Australia, Japan, and South Korea participated in the party. They witnessed a “positive energy carnival” that embodies the cultural exchanges between China and the West and the transmission of happiness and sharing. Everyone felt the cultural charm from different ethnic groups.



This time is based on the theme of the greener earth. People of different nationalities, different skin colors and different cultures have gathered together as a global village. All of us should protect our earth.


The centerpiece of our IFD as has become a tradition is the wonderful performances. Students of different cultural backgrounds in different grades brought a variety of amazing acts, which fully demonstrated the style of the students of Changsha WES Academy.


As a family day, in addition to the wonderful performances also included world food, such as: German sausages, Korean hand rolls, nutritious yoghurt, and Changsha specialty snacks. After eating and drinking, there were many parent-child games. Many of these booths were jointly created by parents and children. The food was full of taste, the games brought happiness, and the children also experienced the thrill of starting a business.


Changsha WES Academy’s annual “International Family Day” is not only a grand gathering of friendship and cultural exchanges, but also a public platform that brings together Chinese and Western cultural exchanges where the whole school community are encouraged to contribute to the welfare of our chosen charities. Grade 9 students had their own area where they worked hard to raise money for their charities.


Volunteers from China Concern and Butterfly Children’s Hospices also brought homemade handicrafts. These exquisite handicrafts were appreciated by the families and the caring people.

来自CC(International China Concern国际关心中国慈善协会)和Butterfly Children’s Hospices( 蝴蝶之家儿童关怀中心),的两个公益机构的志愿者们,也带来了自制的小手工艺品等,这些精美的手工艺品让参加活动的家庭与爱心人士们,都赞叹不已。

It is amazing to the see the spirit of community that IFD brings to our lives. Although the time went by so quickly on this day, the feeling of happiness will continue for much longer and the memories will last forever.


With this is mind we would especially like to thank our wonderful community (parents, students and teachers) who worked so hard to make this day so memorable and special. 


So where next you may ask? Well, we have already started planning IFD 2020…

See you on the IFD 2020!


那么,接下来你可能会很好奇我们明年的安排? 嗯,我们已经开始计划2020年IFD了……