To be IB Caring Learners | 暖心助力“折翼”天使

On May 10th, our grade 9 students led a very meaningful community support program to fund Nao Tan Cun near Xingsha.


Nao Tan Cun is the community of people who are suffering from severe brain related diseases such as Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Mental disorders, etc. Nao Tan Cun is located in Changsha City northern Wan Jia Li Cheng Xi community. People in Nao Tan Cun don’t have stable income, also have not enough money for fundamental facilities. The children are not getting any education.


We will achieve our vision by nurturing reflective individuals who are caring and respective.
To raise money and supplies for Nao TAN Cun, our students designed leaflets and posters, and through their efforts, we raised 7,500RMB for Nao Tan Cun and were able to give books, toys, musical instruments, dolls and teddy bears to all the children. We were also able to give financial help to each of the 16 families involved with the community.

Our students gave their gifts, hugs and played games with them to express their love and blessing for them. Through this activity, our students not only learned the importance of caring, but also learned how to respect others through their own practice and efforts.


The organization, planning and implementation of the whole activity are all completed by the students themselves. What kind of form can they use to get donations? What to do with every Yuan raised? How to bring the best experience to children in Nao Can Cun? Our students have thought and discussed in detail and made a thorough plan.
This activity not only cultivates students’ thinking ability and organizing ability, but also cultivates the attribute of caring. We can make the world better with our great efforts.通过此次活动,不仅培养了学生们的思考能力、组织活动的能力,更加培养他们关爱他人的品质。献上一份真诚的爱心,让世界更加的美好!