Invitation丨International Family Day 国际家庭日邀请函

International Family Day

Nothing matters more than family.
The shape of the Chinese character “home” expresses the feelings of warmth and security. A cowl on top means that home shelters us from the cold wind and rain. The horizontal stroke with three apostrophes represents the hopes of the people at home; the outward strokes on the right represent one’s expectation returning to home, and the vertical stroke in the middle is the symbol of union of the family.
In English, the word “family” includes elements that unite a family: Father & Mother, I Love You.
没有什么像家庭一样,贯穿了我们的生命。中文里的 “家” ,是一个温馨的字眼 。 一个宝盖头遮住了外面的寒风冷雨;一横三撇是家中人对游子的期盼;向外的两撇是游子对家的向往和思念;一个竖钩把全家人紧紧系在一起。英文中,“Family”则涵盖了一个家庭所应有的元素:Father and Mother, I Love You。


On 18 May 2019, members of Changsha WES Academy,

from over 20 countries and regions

gather together to experience different cultures

and to have fun!

2019.5.18 长沙玮希国际学校





Staff and families of CWA

sincerely invite you to join us.



It will be a carnival festival, with the campus divided into four sections: Fun & Games, Stage Performances, World Cuisine Fair, as well as various Cultural experiences. We hope to create a harmonious and natural atmosphere of communication and interaction between people and cultures, and invite you to experience first-hand the beauty of our multi-cultural environment through each activity.



Enjoy warm hospitality from us. Here, you can try and taste a wide variety of international cuisines from all over the world.


Come and watch the international performances led by our students. They will share their favourite music and performances with you.


Games will also be set up for you and your family! Rise up to the challenge!


The Seven Continents section provides children with an opportunity to discover their duties as a global citizen.


We’ll be waiting for you to join us.

See you there on 18th May!