Science Fair| 脑洞有多大 世界有多大

Changsha WES Academy held an unique Science exhibition on April 22nd, to celebrate the Earth Day. The scope of the exhibition covers topics Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and IT etc. They are free to select subject matters and themes that they are interested at, and carried out self-initiated experiments to explore the topics as a team.


Science Fair

The Science Fair is a school-wide event. For primary school students, it aims to introduce scientific methods and how to question and investigate like scientists. For middle school students, it aims to improve their experimental skills and gave them the opportunity to explore areas of interest to them. The students explained their ideas to all visitors and demonstrated their leadership capability. It has also provided students the opportunity to learn from other students’ work and evaluate their own work.



Students not only have to complete the work, but also need to conduct a presentation to the parents and visitors. Although there were only three hours of exhibition time, the preparations that the students took have been a few months. From the selection of experimental themes to the preparation of materials, and to the repeated trials over and over again, the scientific research conclusions were finally reached. They reported their findings and evaluation to the judges and the audience at the exhibition.


From studying the theories from the books to applying what they have learnt to the topic they chose, the students gained a lot of insights through numerous trials and even failures in the course of experiments. These experiences have enhanced their interest in scientific exploration.



How to do ?

Students are required to come up with a question they are interested at, something that can be tested by carrying out an experiment.

E.g  “How does the amount of yeast used in baking of bread affect its inflated height?”.

Students decided on how they are going to investigate this question.

E.g  By changing the amount of yeast used in bread-making process, and decide how they are going to measure the inflated height.

Students tried to make it a fair test by making sure that they control the variables.

E.g The size of the container, the temperature of the oven, the other ingredients.

Students need to display and communicate their results + how they did the experiment by using display boards.










             1st place: Jiin + Irene

             2nd place: David + Saket

             3rd place: Bob + Kim

CWA  Lower Secondary:

            1st place: Abhi + Kai


            1st place:  Tina + Olivia