Art Exchange丨中美艺术交流,来自美国的视听盛宴

On the evening of March 28, violin ensemble Vivace from the United States provided an audio-visual feast for teachers and students of Changsha WES Academy. Let’s review the wonderful moments of this feast together……


Accompanied by the melodious violin strings, WES Parent Committee chairman dances toButterfly Lovers(Liangzhu) and truly embodies the fusion of Chinese and western art and beauty.在小提琴悠扬的乐曲声中,家委会的代表也翩然起舞,一曲娓娓动听的“梁祝”与婀娜多姿的舞姿浑然一体,真正体现出中西融合的艺术之美。

The choir and band of Changsha WES Academy also performed with guests from USA.玮希国际学校的合唱团和乐队也一同与来自美国的客人们同台献艺表演。

Before the evening’s performance, the young performers of the Vivace violin ensemble and the students of Changsha WES Academy also held a cultural exchange to teach how to paint Peking Opera masks, creating an opportunity for peers from across the Atlantic to experience the beauty of traditional Chinese art together.


The performance was an unprecedented success. The theatre, which can accommodate more than 460 people, was completely full. All teachers, students and parents enjoyed a wonderful evening in this high-level audio-visual feast.


After the performance, on behalf of the school, Steve Gardner presented flowers to Corine Hart, the orchestra’s instructor, and expressed our sincere gratitude. We hope to create even more opportunities for further visits in the future.

演出结束后,长沙玮希国际学校的Steve老师代表学校向乐团的指导老师Corine Hart女士献花并致以诚挚的谢意,我们希望在未来能有更多的机会开展进一步的交流与互访。