“Charming ZhangJiaJie” Group Building Activity凝心聚力| 中外员工张家界魅力之旅

Look up a thousand pillars. Look back at the peaks of millions of mountains. This is our charming Zhang Jia Jie.



Reading thousands of books is never as good as visiting somewhere in person even if it involves a six hour journey. To thank all of the staff in our school for their hard work and to create a better understanding of Chinese culture. The WES Group in conjunction with the CWA Communist Party Association organized a weekend tour for our staff to enjoy the sites and culture of Zhang Jia Jie on 29th March. Mr Li (the Communist party representative) along with more than 50 Chinese staff and 20 foreign teachers (and relatives) participated in this trip.



The Wu Ling Yuan Scenic Area is a newly developed tourist destination when entrepreneurs working with the government opened up the landscape in the early 1980s. The scenery here has not been subjected to human interference, so there are stone pillars, cliffs, ancient trees, and cloudy horizons. At times, it was like a magical world and a fun-filled art landscape gallery. The unique quartz sandstone peaks of Wu Ling Yuan are rare at home and abroad and the limestone Karst scenery creates landscapes so beautiful they feature in blockbuster movies like Avatar.



Our party branch secretary Ms. Li Yan organized a range of fun activities but most commonly they involved a lot of walking! At 8:30 in the morning of 30th March, our group arrived in Wu Ling Yuan Scenic Area and climbed the magnificent Bai Long ladder to the core scenic spot of Yuan Jia Jie. As soon as they entered the scenic spot, everyone was conquered by the scenery in front of them. Although the weather was cloudy, it still cannot cover these peaks. The nature was full of wonders, the scenery was picturesque, the famous mountains towered into the clouds, and the peaks and stones were magnificent. That’s why it’s called “the most beautiful canyon in the world”.


On the Sunday morning we were all ready for our next challenge, a visit to Tianmen Mountain, by Zhangjiajie city, which has been called “one of the most beautiful mountains in the world”. With stunning views including ‘Heaven’s Door’ and the 99 Bends, vertical cliffs, the thrilling cliff-hanging walkway and glass skywalk. It all starts with the world’s longest cable car ride, and immediately our staff had to conquer their fears. We travelled up through the clouds and into a dream like landscape. Where there were more challenges on offer, namely the glass bottomed skywalk. If you walk here you are walking on a path made of glass at an altitude of 1400m and a vertical drop down the side of the mountain! Everyone did this, even those who are afraid of heights, so another challenge was overcome. After this we had the 99 bends bus ride, where everyone was so interested in taking pictures they forgot about how scary the ride was. After this it was time to come home.



Many journeys can end with a point, but the journey of learning never ends. This group activity highly reflects the spirit of cooperation. The team’s cohesiveness and joy of working together was continuously enhanced. The whole team is more determined to support and encourage each other as we all strive together to achieve our common goal.


If you don’t climb the mountain, you don’t know the height of the sky. If you don’t dive into the stream, you will never know how deep it is. If you don’t willingly accept a challenge, you will never know true success.  At WES our people firmly believe that only by being positive, can we have outstanding achievements; only being cohesive, can we create brilliance.

不登高山,不知天之高;不临深溪,不知地之厚。高山之上,将美景尽收眼底;高山之巅,让万物一览无余。不忘初心,勇攀高峰,立足实际,着眼高远,勇做教育行业领跑者,这是玮希人的初衷,也是玮希人的梦想!激昂的青春,卓越的团队,玮希人坚信: 唯有激昂进取,才有卓越成就;唯有凝心聚力,才能创造辉煌!