Charity Sales丨同心汇聚,与爱同行

Under the call of the CETZ’s Support Working Group for the Poorer areas, Changsha WES Academy and Longshan County Zhaoshi Town Middle School (located in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan) has established a friendly and supportive relations.


The Bilingual Section organized a “Charity Sale” on 2nd of March, 2019. A number of Art works done by our students were selected and made into 1000 sets of bookmarks. All the money collected from the sale of these bookmarks, will be donated to the students in need at Zhaoshi Town Middle School.

新学期伊始,为了给龙山中学贫困的留守学生带去更多关怀, 2019年3月2日长沙玮希国际学校双语部发起了一场,由学生自制的艺术作品的慈善义卖活动。售卖所得将捐助给龙山县召市镇初级中学的贫困及留守学生们,用于改善他们的学习与生活环境。

Although it was a rainy day, students from Grade 1 to Grade 8, together with their parents, gathered in Xingsha Wuyue Plaza before 3pm.


All the students are divided into 27 groups and started their first ever public sale experience. In order to better integrate the teaching of IB philosophy, teachers and parents also formed an accompanying observation team with each group in order to provide on-time assistance.


At first, the students were very shy in approaching the passer-by. Most of them were worried that they would be rejected or ignored. However, after being encouraged by the friendly people at the shopping mall, they started to become more confident in explaining the reason of the sale. Some of them not only overcome their shyness in approaching the public, they also started to compete with other groups in the sale, and actively looking for opportunities to improve the sale. They were determined to collect sufficient fund to show their kindness towards the students in need at Zhaoshi Town Middle School.


Service Center


Within a short period of 3 hours, all the 1000 sets of bookmarks were sold, and we received lots of positive response from the enthusiastic citizens. Our students’ communication skills have been greatly improved. They also experienced the joy of “showing Love and Care” after the successful closure of the event.



Last but not least, we would like to express our thanks to WUYUE Plaza, MALIN, YANA and Relin for their great support.