International Chinese Assembly丨国际部中文成果展

Chinese is a charming language, and it is more and more popular among foreigners. As the first and only international school in Hunan Province, CWA attaches great importance to Chinese learning. On February 22, CWA Chinese department held the International Chinese Assembly.



CWA students from different countries showed their achievements in learning Chinese in various ways, some are fun, some are gentle, some are serious, some are full of talent… Their performances won the audience’s laughter and applause.



The assembly is not just about performing, it’s a kind of display. In the Chinese assembly, whether it was a story or a poetry, it was the students’ own creation. Some of the performances were even written and directed by students themselves, such as the “Three and half” of G2 mainstream group, the “Poetry and Couplets” of G2 & G3 mainstream group, the fables of G4/5 mainstream group, the poetry and song “Chinese Civilization” of Lower Secondary mainstream group and the “Korea” of G9 CSL group.

From the assembly we see students’ daily study life. As presented in the video of the Kindergarten class, or G1 mainstream group’s show “A Day of the Little Primitive People”, students were learning Chinese characters in a fun and imaginative way. The Assembly is also a way to develop children’s thinking skills and imagination. In the performance of G3 CSL group, Anna sang a song with Kotone who just returned to Japan last month. In order to express her gratitude to the school, Kotone participated in the Chinese Assembly through video, which deeply touched the parents, teachers and students. In our Chinese teaching, we attach a lot of importance to the emotional education, which connects to the Caring attribute of IB.

成果展是同学们每天学习生活中的一个缩影。如国际幼儿园班上呈现的视频,一年级母语班《小原始人的一天》,就是用一种形象而有趣的方式让同学们学习汉字,使他们觉得汉字不再枯燥,同时也发展了孩子们的形象思维能力和想象力。又如三年级第二语言班的中文歌曲展示中,Anna与视频中的Kotone合唱,Kotone由于父母工作原因,已经返回日本, 虽然她已离开学校,但为了表达对学校的不舍之情,她还是通过视频的方式参加了中文展,这也深深地打动了家长、老师和同学们。在我们的中文教学中不仅仅重视知识教育,同时重视情感教育,这就是IB中的“关爱”。

Finally, the BEY mainstream class presented a song on the Face Painting of Beijing Opera, which was fantastic.Through the stage performance, props, costumes and Peking Opera singing, the children not only had a deep understanding of Chinese quintessence and historical figures, but also fully showed their confidence.


The Assembly gives children an opportunity to showcase themselves, thereby motivating them to study. Presentation on the stage is a practice that can develop more abilities of students. It also gives children and parents the opportunity to understand each other, support each other and grow with each other.


Thanks to all the teachers of the international Chinese Department for their hard work. Also thanks to all the parents for their participation and support.