Spring Festival丨送春联、写“福”字,笔墨融情,传递祝福!

The most important festival of the year in China is the Spring Festival. There are many customs people observe during the festival, such as family reunion dinner, setting off firework, etc. As the Spring Festival is approaching, we started our celebrations with giving spring couplets and writing the Chinese character “Fu”.


Spring Couplets 送春联

Spring Festival Couplets, Chunlian in Chinese, is the most common and important custom when celebrating Chinese New Year. Pasting couplets expresses people’s delight in the festival and wishes for a better life in the coming year. The bilingual students, parents and teachers wrote many couplets during the winter break. They gave these lucky couplets to the international classes on the 4th of January to share happiness.


Character Fu 写”福”字

The character “Fu”, meaning good fortune or happiness, is used to express people’s good wish and yearning for the future. Pasting the “Fu” upside down, meaning the arrival of happiness or good fortune, is a widely accepted custom among Chinese people. We set up tables and prepared materials in the lobby for the whole school to write the character “Fu” by hand. What a fun experience!


In this joyful season, we look forward to sharing the understanding of Chinese traditional culture with our international community through these celebrating activities by opening up exchanges between students and teachers from different cultural backgrounds.