WES Cup · Bing Xin English Writing Competition丨首届“玮希杯·冰心作文奖”英文写作大赛启航!

The Bingxin Writing Competition has entered its 13th year in December 2018. Starting this year, in response to the instructions of the Ministry of Education on reforming the foreign language teaching and research in China, this competition will include an English competition. Changsha WES Academy, the only international school in Hunan that uses English as the primary language of instruction, was invited to cohost the first Bingxin English Writing Competition – the WES Cup.


About Bing Xin 关于冰心

Xie Wanying (5 Oct 1900 – 28 Feb 1999), better known by her pen name Bing Xin, was one of the most prolific Chinese writers of the 20th Century. Many of her works were written for young readers.


大赛简介 Brief Introduction

Schedule 比赛日程

The WES Cup · English Writing Competition has three rounds.


• 2018.12.1 – 2019.1.30 First Round 初赛

• 2019.2.22 – 2019.5.20 Second Round 复赛

• 2019.5.27 – 2019.5.30 Final Round 总决赛

Groups 参赛组别

Group A (G3-G6)

Group B (G7-G9)

Group C (G10-G12)




Prizes 奖项设置

First prize: 1 winner for each group

Second prize: 2 winners for each group

Third prize: 3 winners for each group




百万奖学金种子计划 Scholarship Program

To encourage more students to take part in this event and to share educational resources, Changsha WES Academy has launched a special scholarship program for the winners of this competition. The Organizing Committee will as well display and publish the prize-winning works.


参赛方式 Sign up

You’re recommended to follow the official WeChat of the Organizing Committee (bxzwjds) and Changsha WES Academy to submit your information.


Sign up here↑↑↑扫码报名

投稿主题 Topics

Group A (G3-G6)

Your teacher asks you to give a presentation in English about your hometown. Write your answer in 100-150 words in the appropriate style.

Students, Please write a short speech about your hometown. Give some information about:

• The name and location of your hometown.

• What you like about your hometown.

• What can be improved in your hometown.



Group B (G7-G9)

This is a part of the letter you receive from a foreign friend. Write your answer in 300-350 words in the appropriate style:

Hello, I have to give a presentation to my class about Hunan province in China. Can you give me some information?

• A famous natural space in Hunan.

• A famous food or dish from Hunan.

• A famous music, dance, or type of art from Hunan.



Group C (G10-G12)

You see this announcement on an English Language website. Write your answer in 350-400 words in the appropriate style.

Articles Wanted

The most useful thing I’ve every learned

What is the most useful thing you’ve ever learned?

Who did you learn it from? Why is useful?

Write an article answering these questions.

We will publish the best articles on our website.



Writing is a way to express feelings, ideas, arguments, willingness and thoughts in the form of words in sentences and English writing is considered to be an essential skill for success in the modern global economy. Having good writing skills in English is not something which is easy to achieve. We need to work hard.


Now, the opportunity has come.

Challenge yourself!