Fire Drill丨安全无小事,防患于未然

In order to stress the fire safety education in school, we carried out a fire drill under the guidance of Renren Fire Police Department at 15:00 on Nov 29th.


When hearing the fire alarm, our students immediately escaped from the building under their teacher’s guidance, with their nose and mouth covered with a wet towel. It took around 7 minutes for the whole school to assemble on the sports field. The fire drill was successfully completed with our joint efforts. It allowed our students and teachers to get familiar with the escape route and the correct practice when there is a fire.


After the fire drill, the Fire Officer Mr. WU explained to everyone the fire safety knowledge and demonstrated how to wear a gas mask.


Later on, Officer Mr. WU taught the school’s rescue team consisting of 16 teachers and staff to use fire extinguishers and fire hose. They learned and practiced.



Safety is important for everyone. Educating and preparing students for a fire emergency should be a priority at school. By conducting expected and unexpected fire drills in which everyone participates, we promote the fire safety education on campus.