Fitness Assessment丨透过体测,看国际学校的体育教育

In October, the students undertook the National Fitness Assessments, this involved practicing a number of different exercises to record the general fitness and health levels of students. Using the national average as a comparison we can see the fitness of our students is generally favorable, and in some grades there have been significant improvement on last year’s results.

Fitness is a fundamental part of sport, without a solid foundation in fitness students will struggle in sport, outside of the gym, daily life is highly influenced by fitness. It is vital for students to understand that if they are relatively fit they will generally be happier, and in later life they will be less likely to have preventable health problems as a direct result of the foundation they build for themselves today.



Sit and Reach 坐位体前屈

This exercise is designed to measure whole body flexibility. Flexibility is an important aspect of general fitness, it is vital in the prevention of injuries sustained during exercise.

Flexibility plays a big part in the PSPE curriculum as it can be used as one the foundation blocks for general health and fitness as well as PSPE specific. Unit 1 covered this year by the students focused on fitness, as such, flexibility played a key role and so it is very encouraging to see that students have performed so impressively in this often forgotten section of fitness/general health.



One-Minute Jump Rope 跳绳

Students had one minute to record as many completions as they could, jumping over the rope as it passed under them without making contact. This is a test for aerobic fitness, cognitive skills and coordination.


One-Minute Sit-Up 仰卧起坐

Students have one minute to perform as many complete sit ups as they can. Sit ups are an exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles and anaerobic fitness, which is performing a short energy exercise. Again, this was a section of unit 1, which the students practiced in the lead up to the fitness assessments.


Pull-Up 引体向上

Pull ups are an exercise used to test muscular endurance and strength, specifically the muscles of the back and arms. Participants needed to pull their own bodyweight up to a raised bar then return to start position, they had one minute to do as many as they could. The boys from grades 7 to 12 took part in this exercise, all recording favorable results when compared to the respective national average.


Lung Capacity 肺活量

The results of the lung capacity tests show that all of our students recorded better results than the national average. Lung capacity is related to the general fitness of students, the higher the lung capacity, generally the higher level of fitness they will have. Students’ lung capacity can improve through taking part in exercise often.



Other Tests 其他项目

Besides, the students completed the 800-meter run or 1000-meter run and the standing broad jump with high scores recorded.


Data Summary 体测数据统计与分析

The results of 2018’s fitness assessment are overall, quite good, but there is plenty of room for improvement through the coming year. PSPE is vital in giving your children a grounding in fitness and health knowledge which they will carry with them for the rest of their life, so we ask for your continued help in encouraging students to be as active as they can be, in and out of school.



PE Department 体育部