A Moment to Shine丨学习成果展,成长的足迹

At last Friday’s International Showcase Assembly, our students did a great job presenting their learning, thus far, in creative and informative ways.


Beyond the cute costumes of Early Years lay the last few weeks of play, practice and learning. It’s hard to believe that some of our learners could not speak English or were terrified to speak in public! Just look at their confidence now. Our older students presented weeks of research in interesting and informative ways that they planned themselves, guided by their teachers.


Look at the Grade 4/5 class, the central idea for their second unit of inquiry was, “Humans strive to understand our place in the universe over time.” As a class, they listed all of the topics they learned about during this unit. Each group chose one of those topics to research further, and then decided how they would share what they have learned with parents and students at the assembly. Two of the groups chose to use props and acting to illustrate what they know about why we have seasons and the importance of the moon. Two other groups decided to create a presentation using PowerPoint about the Voyager 1 spacecraft and recent discoveries about space.

以四/五年级为例,他们IB PYP项目的第二个超学科探究单元是围绕“宇宙”展开的。同学们列出了在本单元学到的所有主题,然后分成小组选择某一主题进行深入研究,并确定学习成果的表现形式。有两组选择利用道具和短剧表演来说明四季的更迭与月亮的神秘,给严肃的科学注入了生动的色彩。另外两组则决定制作PPT向观众们讲述“旅行者一号”探测器的故事,把人们的思绪引入了浩瀚的苍穹……

It was very heartening to see so many parents turn up. We’d like to thank all parents for their wonderful show of support for our learners.


A big thank you to our teachers too who did a great job helping them to prepare for the stage. It is no small task to prepare script and props AND prepare students from Nursery to Grade 8 – but they did!


The assembly gives the children the opportunity to develop their speaking and presentation skills and a moment to shine on stage.


We hope to share many more such occasions with you so you can see WHAT your child is learning in school.