Approaching WES Canteen丨探秘玮希食堂:守护孩子们的饮食安全

The food safety of school canteen has always been a main focus of parents. Today, we will approach the canteen of Changsha WES Academy and learn about every aspect of the food including procurement, storage, disinfection, etc.




The materials used in the canteen are either delivered fresh daily by suppliers or purchased in reliable supermarkets. On one hand, the canteen works with suppliers of five-star hotels (Changsha Mingcheng International Hotel and Longhua International Hotel) and all the products are distributed in line with the hotel standards. Daily delivery mainly includes vegetables, meat and some Chinese and Western seasonings. On the other hand, the canteen management purchase materials regularly in our local supermarkets such as Metro, Vanguard, etc. They mainly include rice, oil, non-staple foods, and Chinese and Western seasonings that the aforementioned suppliers don’t provide.


The rice and oil are of Metro’s own brand CHEF, and the spaghetti too, Metro’s brand AKA. Other non-staple foods are basically from HORECA SELECT of Metro.


The canteen management select suppliers of five-star hotels for the distribution of vegetables and meat. In accordance with the requirements of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the Education Bureau, these suppliers are all qualified with necessary license and certificates.


The spices used in the kitchen are also delivered by the suppliers of five-star hotels, including products of Lee Kum Kee, HADAY and McCormick. The main spices currently used have been displayed in the canteen.




In response to the requirements of the FDA, the canteen has established several register books to record the food sampling, material procurement, disinfection, waste disposal, etc. Every week the canteen conducts pesticide residue detection on samples of vegetables from suppliers. Food samples from each meal are reserved for 48 hours strictly according to the procedure. The canteen uses separate cutting boards for materials of different nature and store them in separate freezers.


Detection Report 部分农残检测报告

Register books 各类台账

Inspection and quarantine certificate of meat 肉品检疫检验合格证

Disinfection is one of the most important parts to ensure food safety. All tableware and knives are carefully cleaned and disinfected. Moreover, the canteen staff use ultraviolet disinfection lamps to disinfect all areas of the canteen and kitchen after school. All disinfection practice are registered.




Menu of this week 点击图片查看本周菜单 ↓↓↓

In order to meet the different tastes and needs of teachers and students from all over the world, the canteen offers a variety of dishes – Chinese, Western, bread, salad, fruits, vegetarian and so on. We want to help students develop healthy diet and ensure that the taste is good while maintaining a balanced nutrition.


Given parents’ concern about the recent incident in a school in Shanghai and upon discussion with the bilingual PVO, we started a parent volunteer project in the canteen. Every day a parent from bilingual PVO will come and assist the canteen service and supervise the food safety at the same time.

We believe that only safe and healthy catering services can enable students and faculty members to enjoy learning and work in the WES community. We welcome supervision and advice from parents to help build a healthier and better eating environment for the children.