Celebrating Our Cultural Diversity on Cultural Day!

This Friday afternoon, the International G2 had a Cultural Day celebration as a part of their UoI studies. Students shared food, dances, songs, clothing, games or traditions from their own cultures and explained the meaning behind their presentation to other classmates and parents.


We found a big world in this small class! There were students who came in their national costumes; some taught us different languages including Korean, German, Thai and Arabic; Samuel showed us how to make traditional Chinese food dumplings; Nelson introduced the animals in Australia; Emma sang the national anthem of Canada, etc…


The International G2 is working on their second Unit of Inquiry in IB PYP – Where We Are in Place and Time. In this Unit students are expected to learn to celebrate and respectCultural Diversity by exploring the features of their own culture and seeing the similarities and differences between cultures and countries.

国际部二年级的小朋友们正在学习IB PYP幼小项目的第二个超学科探究单元——我们所处的时空。孩子们要学习自己文化的内涵,了解其他文化的特点,从而加深对不同时间、不同空间的文化相似性与差异性的理解,最终学会尊重这个世界的文化多样性

The forces of globalization are exposing us to a more and more diverse environment. No doubt students today will need to learn how to interact in such setting. At Changsha WES Academy, by attending school with a diverse population, students can develop an understanding of the perspectives of children from different backgrounds.