Making Good Choices for Health丨健康运动与健康饮食的探究之旅

How time flies! The Bilingual G3 students have completed studies of their first Unit of Investigation which is focused on the connections between people’s choices and their health.

在学校的时光总是过得那样快,转眼间,开学一个多月了,三年级在第一个探究单元Who We Are的探究之旅已经落下了句点。

In the past six weeks, following the requirement of the national compulsory education system on health education, they explored Healthy Sports and Healthy Diet.



Transdisciplinary Theme 超学科主题

Who We Are 我们是谁


Central Idea 中心思想

The choices people make affect their health and well-being.



Lines of Inquiry 探究主线

The reasons for choosing a balanced lifestyle.

Our choices affect our health.

We bear the responsibility for our choices.




Healthy Sports 健康的运动

The third-grade students had a discussion on healthy sports and learned to describe different sports in both Chinese and English. They also found out relevant information and materials on this topic. Some students wondered how we can deal with sports injuries. Driven by this question, the children read lots of materials in this respect. Later they had a chance to experience one of the healthy sports – yoga when they visited the Children’s Yoga Studio.


Healthy Diet 健康的饮食

Students learned about the categories of food and the essential nutrients needed by human body as well as the way to express them in English. In addition, after analyzing the recipes of our canteen, they had a formal talk with the canteen manager on the dietary issues. In the going-further process, they even created their own food pyramid.



During the Mid-Autumn Festival, our little inquirers cooked a healthy dish for their family; In English class, they wrote a short piece of writing of their cooking process. Bearing what a reasonable diet is all about in mind, they once again took actions by designing a healthy diet for their family for one week.



Through these learning activities, students got to understand what a healthy lifestyle is and how to stay healthy. These inquiry-based activities also helped to develop their thinking, communication and self-management skills. Every unit is a novel and meaningful journey, making the world livelier to the children. This is not an end and we are looking forward to more adventures…


By Ms. Lucy, Ms. Rebeca & Ms.Grace