Culture Week之小学篇丨探索多样文化,尊重文化背景,传承美好品德

The last week of September is our Culture Week which engaged students and teachers in celebrating and exploring diverse cultural backgrounds through a variety of fun activities. The Culture Week was initiated to nurture international mindedness of WES community and to build a more harmonious campus where people could understand and respect each other.

Class Celebrations

Bilingual G1 watched the movie Coco which is a whimsical, touching and heartfelt celebration of Mexican traditions and folklore. Then they made tacos together with the teachers and students from International G1.


The children of Bilingual G2 went to Yuhua Heritage Museum. They visited Jiangnan Mill, Liling Porcelain Art, Women’s Needle Craft Studio, etc. By seeing varieties of heritage projects, children participated in learning traditional Chinese culture and start to know that they are the future of cultural inheritance and protection.


Filial piety is considered a key virtue in Chinese culture. Students of G3 learned to cook a dish for their parents or family to have a deeper understanding of this important value. Also, at this time of year, with the spirit of celebrating Mid-Autumn Day, they made lanterns and riddles from environment friendly materials.



The G4 students planned and went on a Trailwalk at Songya Lake. They were all wearing a T-shirt of “Love” designed and painted by themselves. Divided into 8 groups, each group received some questions about China from other groups. During their walk, they must find some strangers in the park to draw a question for the students themselves. They got a signature only if they answered it correctly. Six signatures would be counted as a success. The walk offers a chance for students to embrace the nature, to strenghten their willpower and to cooperate with others. This was fun and creative!


Bilingual G5 students visited the Songbai Temple. By exploring religious sites, they had a deeper understanding of the center idea of their current UoI – how beliefs influence our behavior and society.


Our expat teachers also brought their cultures into the classroom. Mr. Corey who is American introduced the Texas culture to us and the students enjoyed their experience of being a cowboy or a cowgirl; Ms. Ethel is from New Zealand. She shared how Maoris see the world and its history; Ms. Diane, wearing her Swiss costume, came to explore Swiss food and music with children through fun games.



Cultural Show 文化汇演

The week concluded with the fantastic Cultural Show. As you may know, many of the ancient Chinese poems already have their own tunes. How about singing them out? If you listen to the singing of Bilingual Primary students, you’ll appreciate another kind of beauty of these classic poems. Being written in an archaic style of Chinese writing, they help students learn how Chinese characters interact with one another, and are also a great way to practice many different tone combinations.


As an international school, we believe it is important to celebrate diversity on campus and to realize that people in our own community have different backgrounds. Celebrating culture and diversity offers the opportunity for everyone to learn.