Parent Information Evening丨沟通,学习,收获,成长

Last Thursday and Friday, Changsha WES Academy hosted two Parent Information Evenings for the whole school. This was an opportunity for the WES community to get some idea of our class structure, homework requirements, class procedures, etc.


It is a tradition that the school holds Parent Information Evenings at the beginning of each school year. We hope parents learn more about the school so as to have a better understanding of school management and student support. To achieve our mission, a solid partnership between school and home is indispensable.


Additionally, we invite our parents to take advantage of other opportunities during the year to know the school and to communicate with the school, including Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences, Parent Workshops of different topics, information sessions and talks from guest speakers.


We would like to encourage you to read our Parent-Student Handbook which is prepared to facilitate communication between school and home on matters related to the everyday life of the school. Also, we always welcome your feedback to help us improve. Let’s work together for a year of growth and learning!