First Day of School丨开学第一天,我们在成长!

Welcome back to school or if you’re new we would like to extend a warm welcome to Changsha WES Academy. Day One, a busy but organized day, represents an exciting start to the new academic year.



How Was Your Day One?

The first day of school, for our little ones, was a challenging day when they did so many things for the first time. They got “courage sticker” from the teacher, they made friends with others… They’re the real “risk-takers”!




Our primary students have grown up. They listen to their teachers and keep everything in mind. They are more disciplined and more caring. We are pleased to see them become our great thinkers!




The secondary students already threw themselves into studies on the first day of school. They know well that every bit of effort counts. It’s never easy to be knowledgeable however they’ll always have our support!




Principal’s Message

I think you have noticed that there are changes around school and seen that we are really working hard to make our school one of the top international schools in China. This year the whole school will be focusing on teaching excellence in the classroom. As we all know: Where a love of learning grows, we grow.


Best wishes for a wonderful start to the year!

Andrew Britnell