2018 Art Show丨WES艺术展:发现美,欣赏美,创造美,追求美

On Tuesday, June 19th, the Changsha WES 2018 Art Show was held successfully at school. After being unwrapped, the artworks brought life to the campus by pouring various colors into the school.


The annual Art Show is an occasion where we gather and display extraordinary student artworks in every grade level across the whole school year. The audience was totally fascinated by the colors and sounds we created in the gallery.


The artworks explore ideas and themes such as lines, shapes, color theory, animals & myths, portraits, emotions, through different media, including painting, printmaking, photography, collage, weaving, sculpture, pottery, relief, paper quilling, wire art, clay and tie dye, etc. Some of them amazed the audience with their outstanding artistic skills and creative thoughts. To add even more joy to the event, there were live musical & dancing performances presented in areas around the theatre.


We’d like to thank Ms. Jaffray, Mr. Mark and Ms. Bonnie from the Visual Arts Department for organizing this event, arranging the site and having guided students in completing all these fascinating works. We appreciate the support from the Performing Arts Department, Ms. Terry, Ms. Elaine and Ms. Cici, for glorifying the sights with beautiful sounds and dances.

感谢视觉艺术部Ms. Jaffray、Mr. Mark和Ms. Bonnie的付出,一年来,他们指导学生们完成了许多出色的艺术作品,同时,利用休息时间完成了所有的布展工作。另外,感谢音乐部Ms. Terry、Ms. Elaine与Ms. Cici的支持,美妙的歌声、琴声和舞蹈表演吸引了众多目光和掌声,让本次活动锦上添花。



Let’s congratulate all the students on their artistic accomplishments at Changsha WES Academy for 2017-2018 academic year!