Graduation Ceremony丨玮希国际高中首届毕业典礼成功举办

First Graduation

On 15th of June 2018, we had our very first graduation ceremony for students of Changsha WES Academy. This exciting day marks an important transition for our students.


Graduation day is always a bittersweet occasion because, we are sad to see our Grade 12 leave but are excited to see what they will accomplish and do with their lives.



We hope our graduates have memories and friends that will stay with them for life. We wish the lessons they’ve learned serve them well in the future and we know that they will be able to use these to do great things. We think the most important thing they have learned and mastered is perseverance, even when they thought they couldn’t do something they worked hard and kept going, THEY MADE IT.



Our job here is done – we are excited to see the next chapter of their lives. Before the moment of saying goodbye, Mr. Andrew has offered two pieces of advice for our graduates that could be useful for their future life.


Work Hard 努力学习

Never lose your work ethic, others around you may fall along the way but if you continue to work hard to will achieve your goals. Remember, great effort offers great rewards.


Have Fun 玩得开心

Life is incredibly short, so make good memories and enjoy yourself. Get involved in activities and pursue your passions. This is what makes life worth living.


We were glad to be joined by the parents of our graduating students to celebrate this very special day in their child’s life. We would like to thank the parents for their steadfast support and care for their children.


As the first graduating class from WES Academy, Helen, Kaiming, Taeung, Warwick and Wendy are now ambassadors to the world. The bridges they build and the paths they forge will help future WES students for generations to come. As a worldwide Alumni Association, WESer is the strand that ties their efforts to the students who will follow. Let’s congratulate them on becoming the first graduating class alumni from WES Academy!

作为长沙玮希国际学校的首届毕业生,李卓雅、李恺明、Teaung Jeon、刘好和张雯同学是我们走向世界的代表。他们所建立起来的桥梁、所开辟的道路都将助力玮希未来的学子们。作为世界性的校友会,WESer将毕业生们与未来的学生们紧密连接起来。让我们祝贺他们成为WESer校友会的第一批成员!