Graduation Message丨南北莫相忘,相逢会有期

As you know, the day of graduation is just around the corner and our first graduates are about to start a new life abroad. Students have made precious memories and friendships at Changsha WES Academy that will last forever.


Helen Li 李卓雅

I spent my high school life in WES. I still remembered how perplexed I was when I first saw all of my text books were in English; I remembered how excited I was when I got the news that I became a part of the Student Council; and I remembered how happy I was when I knew my first A-level score.
During the three years, I became the president of the Student Council and also created WESer with schoolmates. I had a dance on the stage of the theater every year, and I cannot forget the time that I spent with teachers after classes.
I am so glad that I came to this school as my high school life was so colorful. Best wishes to WES.在玮希,我度过了我的高中三年。还记得刚来这所学校时面对全英文教科书和试卷的不知所措;记得当初怎么也想不到自己加入了学生会的激动;也记得第一门A-Level考试成绩出来后的欣喜若狂。我在这所学校里慢慢成长,而它一直包容我的过错并默默鼓励我砥砺前行。这三年,我加入了学生会成为了会长,而后和同学们一起创办了WESer。每一年我都在剧院的舞台上留下了一支舞蹈,课后和老师们的谈心使我无法忘怀。点点滴滴的往事太多,其承载的意义于我而言也无法道尽。


Kaiming Li 李恺明

In May, the sky after the rain washed more cleanly. In this wonderful season, my heart not only has the joy of getting an offer from my dream university, it’s even sadder to say that high school time is coming to an end.

The days at WES really made me find the wonderful feel of youth and the fulfillment of a high school life. The international way in which the school teaches let me know better how to think and solve problems independently in my study and helped me lay a solid foundation of knowledge for my future study. I remember when I first started high school, I didn’t quite adapt to such a teaching method. I always thought that when I study, there is a routine or pattern that I can follow. However, during the period of contact with the A-Level courses, I gradually realized the importance of this ability in learning. For example, like the Art and Design course I chose, it is itself an innovative course which offers this kind of ability, also this way of thinking helped me earn more marks. In addition, the guide from teachers and the activities organized by the school made me understand the truth for people and prepare for the challenges that I will possibly meet when I go to university.

Sound like there are three years, but it was actually very short. In these three years, we have grown up when experiencing different challenges, joy and sadness.

At the time of graduation, I am full of longing and passion for college life, but also full of gratitude for the school and nostalgia for all the good times.


在玮希的日子真正让我找到了青春的美好和高中生活应有的那一份充实。国际化教学的方式让我学会了更好地去独立思考和解决问题,为我往后的学习打下了坚实的知识基础。记得我刚入学的时候并不太适应这样的教学模式,无论在做任何事情的时候都总是想着有那么一种套路或是模式可以照搬。但在接触了A-Level 课程一段时间后,我渐渐体会到在学习当中这种能力的重要性。比如我选修的艺术与设计这门课本身就是一个注重创新的课程,所以在学习过程中独立思考和解决问题的能力显得格外重要。我个人认为正是因为秉承着这样一种不拘泥于常规,展现个人特色的心态去申请大学才会让我被梦想大学录取。除此之外,老师们的悉心教导与校方举办的各项活动也让我明白了为人处世的道理并对在大学里将会遇到的挑战做好了充足的准备。



Taeung Jeon

I entered the WES with childish mind and learned three years. During three years my mind and mental became more mature and now it is about to graduate. I am excited for the new start but a part of my mind says it is sad to leave this school.WES helped me to be internationally minded and gave me confidence for my future outside of WES as well. During the school years, there has been many sad, fun and moving stories. And I regard them as very precious experiences. I won’t be able to forget them forever.I will comply the new things from future rather than the sorrow of farewell as I learnt in this school.




Wendy Zhang 张雯

When I write the graduation speech, I even do not know how to start. I really cannot believe that I’m going to graduate, even I still remember the night three years ago when I was imaging how my high school life would be.

I feel this school is all different from my previous school: there are students from different grades in the same classes, we do not need to raise hands to answer questions and we have less homework, etc. I always say I am not like a high school student since I do not have stress from Gaokao and much homework or tests. However, my biggest change in my three years is that I can express myself confidently now. All in all, I am happy growing with the school together in these three years, thanks all teachers and goodbye my cute friends.



Warwick Liu 刘好

Time flies like a colt, before we really had time to savor the fine details of WES, we already arrived at the moment of departure.

First of all, I want to thank the school, which provides a unique learning environment for us to accept advanced teaching methods and education concepts in Changsha. Thanks for all the teachers, thank you for three years of care for me. Thank you to my classmate who have been accompanying me for the past three years, although Some bumps are inevitable. I also want to appreciate my parents for their financial and spiritual support, which enabled me to study in this school for three years

I think the most important thing I’ve learned in WES is to find a way of life that really suits you, Find the way you want to go in the future and work hard to achieve your goals step by step. Everyone is unique, so you don’t have to take the way others have walked.

This three years is neither long nor short, but for sure it’s important in our life, also, Every day is mixed with different Ups and downs that are sometimes difficult to face. We are about to separate, and fight for our goals. We will return to a new starting point and start another race in our lives. Gathering together is a kind of fate, but all good things must come an end, I will always cherish this friendship. I also wish other students can get good grades and enter the ideal university in the future.





We are so excited for the futures of our graduates and want nothing but the very best in the years to come. We believe that every one of them will succeed in anything they put their minds to.


Keep making good choices and work hard every day. You are going to be amazing!