Skype Classroom丨中泰“跨国课堂”,互动式学习新体验!

Welcome to Our Skype Classroom!


Last week, Ms. Alina’s G1 class had a Skype Classroom with Ms. Jane Sutton’s class from Udon International School in Thailand, which allowed students and teachers of both schools to interact directly with each other. What an interesting and creative learning experience!

上周,在Ms. Alina的英语课上,双语部一年级的小朋友们与泰国乌隆国际学校Ms. Jane Sutton的班级来了一场“穿越时空”的英语对话——Skype互动课堂,多么有趣又新奇的一次学习体验啊!

The initiative of a Skype Classroom comes from the pen pal activity for our World Book Day since March. The initial intention was to help students share their favorite books with students who are in different parts of the world.


The G1 students and teachers have been working together once a week for a month to write emails to their pen pal class – Ms. Jane Sutton’s class from Udon International School in Thailand. In the emails, students asked questions that interested them and answered questions that had been asked. After emailing back and forth several times, they decided to communicate through Skype so that they can see each other and talk directly.

双语部一年级的“笔友班”是泰国乌隆国际学校Ms. Jane Sutton的班级。在老师们的指导下,他们每周都会互相写一次邮件。孩子们会提出自己感兴趣的问题,或者回答对方提出的问题。数次邮件来往后,大家决定通过Skype进行面对面的交流。

What do the teachers think about this practice?


Ms. Alina Gardner 

I wanted to use this opportunity to motivate my ESL students to learn English. Many of my students learn English as a subject rather than a language. I hope through this pen pal activity and Skype class my students can present what they have learned in English and become more excited to learn more.


Ms. Jane Sutton 

The Skype class went very well. All students were excited and fully engaged. We should do more Skype classes together. Maybe the next Skype call can be a “Talent Show”!