G2 UOI Showcase丨参与中,学习着,“探究”无处不在!

“Magic Mirror, Magic Mirror, on the wall. Tell me! Who is the most beautiful one in the world?” Generations of children have grown up listening to the fairy tale of Snow White. How did the story find its new life in our UOI class?

“Magic Mirror, Magic Mirror, on the wall. Tell me! Who is the most beautiful one in the world?”《白雪公主》的故事,陪伴了一代又一代孩子的童年。这个美妙的童话故事在我们的探究课堂上又有怎样的传承与创新呢?

At 2:00 PM on April 17th, the bilingual G2 students presented a fantastic performance – Snow White – in the theatre. The audience were deeply impressed by their colorful costumes, unique masks and dramatic acting.

4月17日下午2点,一场童趣盎然的舞台剧Snow White在学校剧场拉开了帷幕。孩子们色彩鲜艳的演出服,可爱又独特的面具,滑稽而精准的动作、生动又幽默的双语表达,深深地感染着每一位观众。剧场里掌声不断,笑声不断。



The Snow White stage play is a showcase of UOI where the students played a leading role with support of teachers to share their learning in respect of two transdisciplinary themes –  how we organize ourselves  and  how we express ourselves . G2 students revised the original story based on their own life at school. The masks and props were designed, created and colored all by the students under instructions of our art teachers Ms. Jaffray and Ms. Bonnie, which allowed them to realize that other than language, there exist many different ways to express oneself, such as music, dance, color, pattern and so on.



舞台剧Snow White是 “我们如何表达自己”  “我们如何组织自己” 两大探究单元的成果展,是一场由学生主导,各科教师协同支持的舞台剧表演。排演之前,二年级的孩子们根据童话《白雪公主》的故事以及自己的在校生活改编了剧本,同时亲手设计、绘制了各个角色的面具和所需要的道具。从制作纸浆,到面具定型,再到涂色,孩子们在艺术老师Ms. Jaffray和Ms. Bonnie的指导下,全程参与,体会表达自己的不同方式。孩子们在制作过程中探究到了除了语言可以表达自己的情感,音乐、舞蹈、颜色、图案等各种形式都可以表达自己的情感。


In order to promote the show, students also made some creative tickets and posters, with which they went to every classroom and invited others to watch their performance.


In this showcase, students learnt to express, to organize themselves and to cooperate with others. The inquiry is happening everywhere!