Unit of Inquiry: Augmented Reality Display丨把AR技术带入探究课堂

A portrait on the wall is speaking?! 

How is it done? Is it magic?



No… It’s technology!


Let’s find out how the international G4/5 students incorporate the Augmented Reality into UOI class.


(注:AR是Augmented Reality的简称,即增强现实技术)

The Grade 4/5 class recently completed a unit of inquiry in which they explored technology’s impact on the world of work and leisure. They took portraits they made in their previous unit of inquiry about visual arts, and created an augmented reality display. Augmented reality is when you attach more information into an image. Students used the APP “Morfo” to convert the face of their portrait into a digital face that moved its eyes and mouth, and then recorded themselves reflecting about their portrait. They used a second APP, “HP Reveal” to attach the video of their portrait speaking to the portrait on the wall. The effect it creates is that the picture appears to come alive and tell you about itself.

国际部四&五年级的同学们最近刚刚完成一个探究单元(UOI)的学习,这个单元聚焦科技对人们的工作和休闲生活的影响,而作为具体实践,同学们把AR技术带入课堂,让艺术肖像画“开口说话”。AR是一种为真实景象叠加图像、视频、3D模型的技术,人们通过电脑等方式将虚拟信息应用到真实世界,为人类感官所感知。首先,学生们使用一款叫做“Morfo”的软件,将肖像画中的静态脸部转换为眼睛和嘴巴能动的数字化脸部,然后他们再给自己录制“说话”的视频。接着,孩子们通过另一款名为“HP Reveal”的软件将他们的视频与墙上的画相关联。就这样,神奇的一幕出现了:这些肖像画似乎有了生命,还一本正经地介绍起自己来。

This display also connects with the current Grade 4/5 unit about conflict resolution. The class joined the “Facing Difference Challenge”, through the organization, Students Rebuild ( Students created a meaningful portrait that illustrates their own uniqueness.Each portrait submitted generates funding from the Bezos Family Foundation to support programs run by CARE and Search for Common Ground, helping youth on different sides of conflict build peace in Nigeria, Sri Lanka and the South Caucasus region of Eastern Europe. The Grade 4/5 class also encouraged other classes to participate in this action to help promote peace and empathy.

另外,这个项目与四&五年级当前所学习的关于“冲突解决”的单元也存在联系。全班同学都加入了由“Students Rebuild”组织发起的“Facing Difference Challenge”活动,为自己创作一幅有意义的、能够展示个人特色的肖像画。每提交一幅画,贝索斯家族基金会(Bezos Family Foundation)就将为CARE and Search for Common Ground 组织所运作的和平项目提供资金支持,该项目旨在帮助尼日利亚、斯里兰卡和东欧南高加索地区冲突各方的青年在当地建立和平。四&五年级还鼓励其他班级一起参与这一行动,携手促进和平,培养同理心

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