“My School is My Family” 丨The Yearbook Cover Page Contest Begins!

The 2017-18 Yearbook Cover Page Contest now begins. The pen is in your hand!


A yearbook, also known as an annual, is a type of a book published annually to record, highlight, and commemorate the past year of a school. Yearbooks are keepsakes that people keep for several years after graduating from school. They contain memories of student life, pictures of past classmates, and details of events that happened during school days.

年鉴也称为年刊,每年出版一次,用于记录和纪念过去的整个学年。 年鉴是人们在离开学校后还会保存好些年的纪念品。它们承载着学生生活的点滴回忆,老师与同学们的身影和笑容,以及在校园里度过的美好时刻。

The Yearbook Program for Changsha WES Academy started from this year. It shall be published by the end of every academic year. We require all the homeroom teachers to make contributions to the yearbook, by having a page each in it. Also, we announced a poster competition for yearbook cover page.


Rules of Contest 比赛规则

The cover page contest is open for all the students from Grade 6 and above.


The poster has to be 80% filled (A3 Paper). It can be pencil or paint.



The theme of the poster is My School is My Family.



The best poster shall be the cover page of the yearbook, the second best shall be the back page, and in case there are more than 2 good entries, the jury may consider them to be partition pages inside the yearbook.



The entries for the poster have to be submitted in person to Mr. Vikrant on or before 16th April 2018.


Things You’ll Need… 你需要…

Pen and paper or design software



An unique idea


The memories of our past youth are so memorable.

Impress us with your creative mind!



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