Education should be a guidinglight丨教育应是一盏指路灯


“Education should be a guidinglight, leading our kids to acknowledge the world, develop and improvethemselves.”

——Mr.  David  Priest




To give children the freedom to explore their potential in the innocence ofyouth,to learn more about the changeable world with humility,thus shaping their character, that will lead them into amazing experiences that will forge the future.


Changsha WES Academy moved to our campus on February 14,2011, ending thetemporary office at the management committee of CETDZ. We chose this specialday because we love our school so much.


CWA now is an international community combined with students teachers andparents that come from 24 counties. We have grown from our initial 4 studentsand 3 teachers to be a school with 227 students and more than 50 staff.


Looking back the last 7 years, where a love of learning grows, we grow.

2014年,我们作为IB世界成员学校获得了国际文凭组织(IBO) PYP项目的认证,2015年,我们认证成为剑桥国际学校,成为官方授权的剑桥国际考试中心; 2016年,我们通过了CIS(国际学校联盟)的认证,确保学校在不断发展的同时保持高质量的教育标准,我们的毕业生也将受到全世界大学的青睐。

In 2014, CWA was authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization(IBO) to be an IB School for the Primary Years Programme (PYP).  In 2015, CWA registered as a CambridgeInternational school and was authorized to be a CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) Center. CWA received CIS accreditation in 2016 .It ensures our schoolwill continually improve and keep up with the best international standards.This will ensure that universities around the world will welcome our graduates.

作为一所IB学校,玮希关注培养学生在智力、个人、情感及社会全方位的成长。作为创始校长的Mr. David Priest用他的身体力行,为员工和孩子们做出了杰出的表率,打造玮希独特的IB文化。

As an IB school, CWA pays meticulous attention tothe all-round development of students’ intelligence, personality ,emotional andsocial abilities. Mr. David Priest has been an outstanding model for ourstudents and teachers and in creating our unique IB culture.

Caring   懂得关爱

Communicators    擅于沟通

Thinkers      勤于思考

Inquirers     积极探究

Risk Takers   勇于尝试

Well—balanced    全面发展

Principled   坚持原则

Reflective    及时反思

Knowledgeable  知识渊博

Open-minded   胸襟开阔

We invite you and your child to visit our campus to meet our community of internationally minded,lifelong learners,and experience the warm,supportive environment that will help your child develop a love of learning.

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