WES Studio, the Makerspace Movement Arrives!丨WES Studio启航啦!

It’s always delightful to embrace something new, something creative in the new year… At Changsha WES Academy, we’re in the process of starting our very own Makerspace – the WES Studio!

新的一年,要敢于拥抱新事物,迎接新挑战……在长沙玮希国际学校,我们即将为您呈现一个属于WES师生的创意空间——WES Studio!

The rapid development of science and technology has brought about great changes to human life. With the open source hardware becoming mature and the popularization of new technology, more and more primary and secondary students set out to be Makers. The Maker Movement is sweeping the world!


The main objectives of the WES Studio is to provide a venue for our older students (G5 and above) and of course, our staff, to be able to get in touch with cutting-edge science and technology. The Studio aims to allow students to develop their creativity using the facilities provided, which will be further enhanced by specific courses provided by the team. Also, this is an opportunity for our learners to become team leaders and help in managing the Studio. In the future, the lower grade students could make use of the Studio under their teachers’ supervision during class time too.

WES Studio的建立让学生和老师们可以通过“创客”活动和课程,接触最前沿的软件、电子、机械等科学技术。在这里,学生们可以运用所学知识将想法变为现实,在碰撞、分享的开放氛围中,他们的想象力将被激发,创新能力、思考能力与自主学习能力将得到锻炼。此外,学生们有机会成为团队领导并协助管理Studio。WES Studio主要面向五至十二年级学生开放。未来,低年级学生也可以在教师的带领下前往参观学习或上课。

Six Sections 六大主题

Robot 机器人

Description 主题说明:

To learn to build & assemble hardware and to write programmes to accomplish specific tasks


Advisor 指导老师:

Mr. Victor

3D pinting 3D打印


Description 主题说明:

To learn to use 3D printing software and to operate 3D printers correctly for their own design projects


Advisor 指导老师:

Mr. Victor

Programming 编程

Description 主题说明:

To learn basic programming language which can be used in AI projects


Advisor 指导老师:

Mr. Victor

Aluminium wire art 铝丝艺术

Description 主题说明:

To learn to design and make aluminium wire artwork


Advisor 指导老师:

Ms. Jaffray

Clothing art 布艺

Description 主题说明:

To learn to design and make cloth art pieces


Advisor 指导老师:

Ms. Lusa

Photography&Video 摄影&视频

Description 主题说明:

To improve photographic skills

To learn filming techniques and post-production processes



Advisor 指导老师:

Ms. Sasha and Mr. Daniel

We’re opening the WES Studio in A503 on the fifth floor. In the future we also plan to include a wood work section, a ceramics art section, etc. From March 13th to 19th, a team of coaches from the renowned Makerspace of Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic will help in the training of our student leaders to manage the Studio. Then the WES Studio will open to all other students on March 20th, which will mark the beginning of it’s trial operation and it is expected to be running formally in early May.

WES Studio位于学校五楼A503,未来,我们还将增加木艺和陶艺等主题。3月13日至19日,我们特邀新加坡南洋理工学院(NYP)创客空间的专业团队为WES Studio的学生管理团队提供培训。NYP创客文化氛围浓厚,创客教育成熟,其指导团队将为我们带来丰富的教育、运营和管理经验。3月20日,WES Studio将开始对所有学生开放,投入试运营。5月初将正式启动。

The WES Studio, a place to further enhance creativity, will help our students  to keep up with the latest developments in technology and science. We hope they can make their creative ideas into exciting projects in the Studio. We are proud to announce that the Maker Movement has arrived at Changsha WES Academy!

WES Studio作为一个培养学生创造力的空间,希望能激励更多学生紧跟最新科技的潮流,把他们的无限创意通过实践化为现实。让我们一起掀起长沙玮希国际学校的“创客运动”风潮吧!


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