The Math Champions of China | 喜报丨长沙玮希国际学校三名同学通过美国“数学大联盟杯”复试,获得赴美参加全球决赛资格!

In 2017, as a testing center, Changsha WES Academy encouraged the students to participate in the Math League. Despite of the short time to get prepared for the contest, our students achieved good results with a pass rate of 49.5% approaching the Chinese national average of 50%. What is more exciting, Amber Zhang, Bob Wang and Cindy Jiang stood out in the second round and qualified themselves for the finals held in the USA. Congratulations!


About Math League丨关于数学大联盟杯赛

Math League is a Math competition for elementary, middle, and high school students in the United States, Canada, and other countries. The Math League was founded in 1977 by two high school mathematics teachers, Steven R. Conrad and Daniel Flegler.


Mr. Conrad and Mr. Flegler were both honored by President Ronald Reagan as recipients of Presidential awards for “Excellence in Mathematics Teaching.” They have been preparing contests for math students across North America since 1977. They have co-authored 18 books.

美国“数学大联盟杯赛”创始人Mr. Steven R. Conrad和Mr. Daniel Flegler是美国著名的数学教育家,两人曾荣获由里根总统颁发的“杰出数学教育总统奖”。他们是美国十五个州和地区的数学竞赛组委会主任委员或委员。他们还曾经担任了六年的美国SAT 组委会会员(SAT是美国大学的入学考试)。另外他们共同出版了18本书。

The purpose of the Math League Contests is to provide students “an enriching opportunity to participate in an academically-oriented activity” and to let students “gain recognition for mathematical achievement”. Their main goal is educational: they promote enjoyment and study of mathematics by organizing contests for grades 4-12. Their well-written questions cover a variety of difficulty ranges and involve topics of interest to above-average students. The key is to encourage students to enjoy a challenge and to learn from it to find problem-solving discussions stimulating. The contest results are released on their official website. Successive good results will help when students apply for key high schools and universities across North America.

35年来,美国“数学大联盟杯赛”一直秉承创新的宗旨,致力于学生独立思考、科学探索、创造性地解决问题和创新思维能力的培养。其竞赛试题灵活、生动,富有趣味性和挑战性,同时也贴近生活。让学生理解数学、欣赏数学,激励学生创新,更能激发学生学习数学的兴趣,培养学生主动探索的精神。另外,学习数学会使人富有创造性和灵感,使用逻辑推理, 有理性, 灵活、快乐地生活、工作和决策。美国“数学大联盟杯赛”在其官网公布每年竞赛的优胜者成绩并颁发奖章和证书。连续多年的优异竞赛成绩是美国及世界各地学生申请北美重点高中和重点大学的重要参考依据。

Beauty of Math丨数学之美

In 2018, Changsha WES Academy will be organizing and preparing more students for this competition.“You don’t have to be a mathematician to enjoy mathematics. It is just another language, the language of creative thinking and problem-solving, which will enrich your life.


Fun with Math丨有趣的数学

Now, it’s your turn! Below is a question from the paper for G5-6 in the 2016-2017 Math League second round. Let’s think mathematically!



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