Happy Chinese New Year丨长沙玮希国际学校恭祝您新春快乐!

All the staff would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. I hope you enjoy your holiday and look forward to seeing you again on March 1st.


The last week before holidays is coming to an end.

What a busy week!




Spring Festival Show 十二生肖舞台剧

The Spring Festival show “The New Year Party of Twelve Zodiac Animals” representing the hard work of students, teachers and parents acheived great success and was well-received by the audience (special thanks to Kirk’s parent for helping the sound recording and effect). Twelve classes played respectively the part of a zodiac animal. Various performances ran through the traditional story of the Emperor designating twelve animals as zodiac signs, making the show interesting and impresssive while also allowing each class to carry out their creative ideas.






Temple Fair 春节庙会

The exciting sound of drums announced the beginning of our grand temple fair on the sunny Thursday afternoon. We enjoyed a festive dragon and lion dance which made the audience truly feel the approaching of the Spring Festival. Also, food and games are indispensable for a joyful temple fair. Various stalls prepared by students and parents have enabled the visitors to enjoy all kinds of fun. Another highlight of the fair must be the first show in public of bilingual children’s choir. Their clear and pleasant voice turned out to be a breath of fresh air in the busy fair (special thanks to Osmond&Tyrone’s parent and Yuki’s parent for inviting Ms. Yaner and Ms. Xingxing to instruct and coach the children).







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