Semester One Showcase, A Memorable Time Enjoyed by All!

On Thursday, students in Ms. Colette’s CWA Grade 2/3 class put on a Semester One showcase. To an inviting crowd of parents, students gave an overview of the fall Science Fair projects, which focused on light and sound; performed magical shadow puppet shows for which students wrote their own scripts and used handmade puppets created during Mr. Mark’s Visual Arts class; and presented skits with original recorder songs made in Ms. Elaine’s Performing Arts class.

星期四下午,国际部二&三年级即Ms. Colette班的同学们对上学期的所学内容进行了展示。孩子们向受邀前来的家长们介绍了秋季科学展项目“光和声音”的大致内容;他们表演了神奇的皮影戏,剧本是自己编写的,皮影和道具是在Mr. Mark的视觉艺术课上亲手制作的;他们还带来了一出有趣的短剧,同时演唱了在Ms. Elaine的表演艺术课上创作的原创竖笛伴奏歌曲。

The skits incorporated the IB Learner Profiles of Communicator, Open-minded, Risk-taker and the Attitudes of Confidence, Creativity, and Enthusiasm.


As a reward for their wonderful work, students delighted in making pies with recipes chosen from the class read-aloud book Pie. It was a memorable day enjoyed by all!

作为对他们精彩展示的奖励,老师带着孩子们准备了可口的苹果派、巧克力派、柠檬芝士派等,食谱取自Ms. Colette经常在班上朗读的书籍《派(Pie)》。不论是家长还是学生,都乐在其中,真是难忘的一天!


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