2015 WES万圣节狂欢夜丨Halloween at WES

The WES community celebrated Halloween last Friday, October 30 at a big after school party sponsored by the PVO. Students, faculty, family and friends were invited to share in holiday games, a scientific magic show and an amazing buffet of food.


“Coming together in friendship and sharing cultural festivals is a vital part of the IB program and allows us to be more internationally-minded,” said principal David Priest. “We really appreciate the hard work of the PVO, teachers and other volunteers in making our Halloween party such a successful event.”

“IB项目中一个非常重要的一点就是大家一起共享不同文化的节日。这不仅能加深彼此之间的国际友谊,还能让我们成为拥有国家化思维的人。”David Priest校长晚会上说道,“我们真的非常感谢家长志愿者们的辛苦付出,也非常感谢志愿提供协助的老师和朋友们!是你们让我们的万圣晚会举办得如此成功!”

Students of all ages and their teachers dressed up in fanciful costumes and entered the school’s canteen in a colorful parade. The fun quickly began and everyone agreed it was one of the best parties ever had at Hunan Province’s only international school.


“It might have been cold outside, but the halls of WES were as warm as our hearts,” said PE teacher George Carpinisan. “I’m already planning what crazy costume I’ll wear next Halloween.”

学校体育老师George Carpinisan激动地说道:“外面虽然很冷,但大厅里如我们的心一样热腾着。我已经在计划下次万圣节穿什么搞怪的服装了。”

Author 作者:Bill Snyder

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