Congratulations on the formal establishment of friendly relations and cooperation between Changsha WES Academy and CCEMS

Today, on January 18th 2018, the Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony was held at Changsha County Experimental Middle School (CCEMS), which marks the formal establishment of friendly relations and cooperation between Changsha WES Academy and CCEMS. Congratulations!


At 9:00 AM, the delegation of WES community, led by Principal Mr. Andrew, arrived at CCEMS next door. Mr. Chen Guirong, Secretary of the Party Committee of CCEMS, extended a warm welcome to the visitors from WES and addressed his appreciation of our experience in the international education and overseas exchanges from which they can learn a lot, as well as his determination of developing the bilateral cooperation which will help CCEMS, already a provincial key school, bring out the best in it. Mr. Andrew also delivered a speech, expressing his happiness about beginning such a constructive relationship with CCEMS and his expectation in the future exchanges and making the project bigger and better. As the representative of the school, Mr. Andrew and Mr. Chen signed the Memorandum.


Following the signing ceremony, teachers and students of two schools visited the campus of each other.


Good neighborliness leads to mutual development. The famous poet Wang Bo of Tang Dynasty comforted himself by writing down “Long distance separates no bosom friends” when he and his friend parted, while we’re really lucky to have a good friend nearby! The establishment of a collaborative relationship is a win-win strategy for both schools, because it allows to develop long-term mutually beneficial educational exchange programs and to share some resources, which provides a good opportunity for both sides to learn from each other.


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