Science Fair丨Towards A Deeper Interest in the Sciences…

The goal of the science fair is to give students the opportunity to investigate question they find interesting through scientific investigation. In a traditional classroom the teacher tells the students what needs to be studied, and often they are also told exactly how to do an experiment step by step. The science fair allows students to take complete control of this process. Hopefully this will open the students up to new experiences that may lead them towards a deeper interest in the sciences.


Now let’s check out their wonderful work!





Having the judges participate in the activity allows students the opportunity to compete in an academic setting. This can hopefully offer motivation to some students. This extra motivation may just be enough to inspire young students to want to become scientists in the future. Mr Andrew, together with judges from CCEMS, evaluated the experiments and presentations, and announced the winnings of grades 4-6 and grades 7-9.




Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants!

Many thanks to all the teachers who contributed to the science fair!



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