WES’s Got Talent丨发现WES的舞蹈达人

WESer interviewed two talented students who are really good at dancing.



Q1: How long have you been studying dancing?你学舞蹈多久了?
Lee: I studied HIP-POP for only one year.我只学了一年hip-pop。Anson: I’ve been learning hip-pop since I was five years old, and this is the third year.我从五岁开始学习街舞,现在已经有三年了。

Q2: Why did you start to learn dancing?当初为什么会想学舞蹈?
Lee: I like singing very much, and I realized that I can be dancing hip-pop while I am singing. Because of that, I started to learn how to dance.我以前非常喜欢唱歌,后来了解到hip-pop舞蹈可以配合我喜欢的歌曲,所以开始学习了这个舞蹈。Anson: I liked to dance with the music from when I was little. My mother noticed that and sent me to a dancing class.我小时候还站不稳的时候只要听到音乐就会一直扭屁股,每次都可以扭上半小时以上。我妈妈看我性格比较内向并且骨子里爱音乐和舞蹈就送我学街舞,顺便锻炼一下胆量。

Q3: Do you feel tired because of dancing?跳舞辛苦吗?
Lee: No, because I am really into dancing. I dance even when I am walking.并不会觉得累,因为对舞蹈有兴趣,所以我有时候连走路的时候都会跳!(于是马上在采访现场即兴表演了一段边走边跳。)Anson: I learn dancing at three different places. I don’t think it is tired but I don’t have much time to practice.我在三个地方学习舞蹈。虽然不会觉得很累,但没有太多时间练习。

Q4: Will you keep learning dancing in the future and let it be your future career?以后也想要一直学习舞蹈,将其当成自己的事业吗?
Lee: Maybe not. Because I don’t know what I want to do in the future.以后也不一定会将舞蹈当成自己的事业,因为自己也不知道未来会干什么。Anson: I would still learn dancing in the future, and I think it will be my future career.以后会想要一直学习舞蹈,也许会将其当成自己的职业。


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