Healthy Food for A Healthy World丨双语部三年级的探究时光

This year the second Unit of Inquiry for Grade 3 bilingual students focuses on “Healthy Food for a Healthy World”. In Visual Arts class the students began their exploration of healthy food by drawing different fruits, vegetables and nuts in chalk pastels. Then, in small groups, the children brainstormed different healthy foods. Each group chose one healthy food to use as inspiration for a Pottery Project. The goal of the Pottery Project is for each student to design and make a bowl for their favorite healthy food.


Pottery Project Step #1:


The students had a class discussion in English where they analyzed a variety of ceramic bowls from around the world.


Pottery Project Step #2:


The students drew a bowl design from two perspectives, a side view and an aerial view.


Pottery Project Step #3:陶艺项目第3步:

Using real-life examples of their favorite healthy food as inspiration, the students added textures, patterns and imagery to their bowl designs.


Pottery Project Step #4:陶艺项目第4步:

The students went to Chutian Pottery Studio at 9:00 am on Wednesday. Mrs. Jiang introduced the history of ceramics and taught the students how to use a potter’s wheel and make pinch pots by hand. The students decorated their bowls using the design they drew in class. The students encountered many challenges because for some of them it was their first experience working with clay.  However, all of the students really enjoyed their learning journey at the Chutian Pottery Studio.

The students will have a second chance to go to the pottery studio after their decorated bowls have been fired and become bisque ware.  On their next visit, the students will glaze their bowls. Glazing is one process for adding color to ceramic art.




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