Where A Love of Learning Grows, We Grow丨在WES的成长故事

Children’s progress can always

make teachers and parents gratified.

WESer interviewed some of the parents

to share the story of their child growing at WES.






Simons’ mother


Now he likes English.

I found that Simons likes to communicate with other people now, especially on the English subject. Before he came to WES, he really disliked English and did not want to speak English. Thanks to the environment at school and the teachers, now he likes English much more and he is making progress. He uses English in his daily life and he is braver to express himself in English.



William’s father (G8)

Self-understanding and social communication
William has been a student of WES for 7 years already. I think he’s growing and changing obviously, mainly reflected on two aspects – one is his understanding of his own mind and his logical communication skills with others; the other is his language development and the wideness of his knowledge. These developments are exactly what we expected when we decided to put him in this school. After finishing the PYP, he entered into the secondary programme which is a development of PYP and contains more academic content.
William進入WES有七年的時間了,作為家長,在我們的眼中,William 在WES的成長與變化是比較明顯的,主要體現在2個方面:一方面是對於自我的認識以及人與人溝通相處的邏輯思維;另一方面是外語能力以及知識面的寬廣。這些方面的成長,都符合我們將孩子送入國際學校的期許。在接受完整的PYP項目教育之後,他進入更加充實的學習階段,中學的課程在原來的基礎上,涉及更多學術上的內容。

Steven’s mother (G4)
Independent thinking and problem solving skills
Steven learnt a lot of knowledge on biology, such as the skeleton structure of human body which he is very interested in. I suppose that he learnt from science classes. The biggest change is that he can think independently and he can solve some problems without my help. It’s this entire process of solving problems that makes life meaningful. Because he can get along well with his classmates, he has more friends and is more outgoing than before.

Nanako’s mother (G4)
More outgoing
She used to have negative feelings, but she became sunny since she came here. Because the school life at WES brought more fun to her than her previous school. She made friends of different countries and grades easily because the school is just like a big family and she could get along with other people. The school life at WES brought so much fun to her. However the biggest change might be that she gained a lot of weight.

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