Microsoft School丨中国南部唯一一所微软学校在哪里?

Our School is excited to announce the Microsoft program initiative in the school. We are the ONLY school in southern China who has been awarded the membership in the Microsoft School Program. Because of Microsoft, all students will soon have access to Office 365 for Business.

Office 365 is a user-based service providing all students and teachers with cloud storage, productivity tools, and an email account. This is very exciting because it provides students with access to current digital tools to use at school and at home on any Internet connected device. With Office 365, learning possibilities are limitless!

Changsha WES Academy had a vision that teachers could move around the classroom while using technology to enhance their classes by making them completely interactive. Thanks to Microsoft and our IT Department, this vision is now not only true, but earned us the respected title of a Microsoft School.

Microsoft Schools are premier schools that show leadership by demonstrating a strong vision for educational change. These school leaders create innovative learning environments, assisted through the use of technology, driving innovation within the school.

祝贺长沙玮希国际学校继获得IBDP候选资格后又取得了另一项成就:我们成功加入了全球微软学校计划,并成为了中国南部唯一的一所微软学校!加入微软学校计划,学生们将很快能够享用企业级的Office 365服务。

Office 365以用户为导向,为所有学生和老师提供云存储、生产力工具和邮箱账户服务。这是非常令人兴奋的,有了它,不论在学校还是在家里,学生都可以在任何联网设备上使用当前的数字工具。Office 365为学习提供了无限可能性!


微软学校是具有领导力的优质学校,主要体现在他们在教育变革方面的强大愿景。 这些学校的领导者们将通过科技的运用,创造创新型学习环境,推动学校内部的革新。


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