WES TIMES丨Welcome to Our 1st Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

I am very pleased to be sending our first Changsha WES Academy newsletter. It has been a busy and exciting start to the school year. Especially with the visit of Dr Jiang He on Saturday.

I’m sure you have also noticed some of the changes to the school environment as well as some new teaching staff and students. I hope you will extend a warm welcome to all our new people.

Mr. Andrew Britnell


Changes in School

We will start working on our IBDP authorisation now that we have been granted candidacy status.

We will be introducing a ‘House System’ for students in school.

We have brought lots of new books for the library and I know Millie would be really like assistance in getting the books covered, catalogued and onto the shelves.

We will be introducing WESer for our students, which is the formal representative of all current and past students.

The new parents WES Academy of Lifelong Learning (WESALL) will start in October, which is your opportunity as parents to continue your learning in school.

There will be other new developments as the year progresses which, I will keep you informed about nearer the time. In conclusion I welcome you to our new newsletter “WES  Times”.

Academic Highlights

As our new school year began on 21st Aug., the quiet WES campus has been revitalized. More than 100 new students and 11 new teachers joined us. We are thrilled to have all of them to join us for the new inquiry journey through the six units of global context.

In my past 15 teaching years, I notice that a lot of students say that, “a new school year is a new start”, but meanwhile many of they still live in the past. One thing I find most difficult about making a fresh start is letting go of the past. The past failure, the past attempts, the unkind or hurtful words spoken by well-meaning people in the past, the past defeats, the past disappointments. The past can be one of our worst enemies when trying to make a fresh start.

Instead of focusing on what was, please try to say, “I am doing a new thing.” If you need help, try to find your classmates and teachers. Of course, you can find me.

Ms. Sabrina


Admin Highlights
Dear Parents & Students,
Welcome to the new academic year of 2017-2018, we have started with a fresh and new look and feel for the school. I am glad to have all of you around, this year we shall have some updates on security arrangement and administration, which I shall keep sharing with all of you.We are introducing a new secure system, where each parent shall have access cards to the school, and shall allow them to access a few areas. I shall send a detailed circular soon, meanwhile stay tuned with the school WeChat and the newsletters.Once again I welcome to a challenging and a full filled academic year.Mr. Joseph GONGAdministrative Principal

WES Achievers   

Meet Shirley, the Child Prodigy of Badminton.

She is in Grade 5 at Changsha WES Academy, and her only hobby is badminton. She practices for nearly 4-6 hours in a week, after school and weekends.

The Changsha WES Academy, very proudly wishes Shirley congratulations, for winning the Hunan Youth Badminton Championship at the second place.

Wishing Grace Huang from Grade 11, who won the silver medal in the Hunan

Province Talent Show.

She played the guzheng (古箏), also known as the Chinese zither, is a Chinese plucked string instrument with a more than 2,500-year history.

Rising up the second position from several hundreds of participants, Grace has made the Changsha WES Academy proud of her achievement.



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